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Air Compressor Filter Types

Air tool maintenance will always be part of every workshop routine. Securing your tools are working well and maintained clean is vital. Some people see maintenance activity as expensive at times and troublesome. But the truth is, you can ensure a low maintenance cost when you are using the right tools for your system. As for maintaining the efficiency of your compressor, the right air compressor filter is your key. That said, choosing from the Air Compressor Filter Types is one of the things you need to do. Understand these types in this section and have a guide on your next buy. 

The Right Air Compressor Filter

Notably, the air compressor filter plays a crucial role in your compressor. To ensure a clean, safe, and pure quality of air, it is a must-have. Having the right air compressor filter for your compressor is a good investment for securing quality output. Aside from its capability to trap pollutants and contaminants, it also protects vital tools that contribute to your whole working process. 

However, there are still some people that fail to land with the right air compressor filter. Despite having one, some still encounter problems with their filters. It is why it is imperative to understand and identify the right air compressor filter for your needs. 

Different Air Compressor Filter Types

When searching for an air compressor filter for your compressor, you need to identify what air compressor filter types the best suited for your requirements. It is what some people neglect to distinguish before purchasing one. There are different air compressor filter types that come with a particular purpose to support your compressor. While they all perform the same outcome, it is still necessary to identify which is ideal for your need. For better knowledge, here is the description of the different types of air compressor filters you can use:

Coalescing Filters

One of the air compressor filter types is the coalescing filters. When talking about the matter, water is one of the most damaging that can cause a problem to your compressor. Now, if you are dealing with oil, tiny moisture droplets, water, or aerosols, this type is ideal for your need. Before growing into your system, this filter will prevent the condensate. It can also lengthen the lifespan of your piping system as it will help in preventing rust. Even other components will also benefit. 

The way coalescing filters perform is it collects all the contaminants to a filter media and unifies them in pool media. Emptying the merged contaminants in the trap follows. Additionally, this filter can also handle particulates. The particulates that stay within your compressor can cause damage, and this filter can help you trap all these in its filter media. 

Vapor Removal Filters

Another air compressor filter type is the vapor removal filter. These vapor removal filters can remove vapor, chemicals, and gaseous lubricants. Now, to catch contaminants, it uses an absorption process. This process is working with activated carbon and cloth. 

However, this vapor removal filter is only ideal for gaseous contaminants. That said, collecting liquid contaminants is not possible with this filter. Once liquid contaminants pass through it, this filter will only wear out. If this happens, the vapor removal filter will lose its effectiveness and function. The use of coalescing filters to collect liquid contaminants before utilizing a vapor removal filter will help you ensure its capacity. This way, you can ensure that no contamination will damage your system. 

Particulate Filters

Aside from the coalescing and vapor removal filters that can remove liquid and gaseous contaminants sequentially, there is also a filter fit for solid particles - the particulate filters. Its function is to remove small particles, pollen, or dust that may enter your air tools while in the process. By eliminating these solid particles, the flow of air in the system will move faster. Therefore, it will lead to smooth working progress. It has the main element called membrane that can trap contaminants and allow only safe air to run in the system. For painting activities, using high particulate filters is ideal. 

Choose the Best Air Tools For Your Working Need!

When selecting from different air compressor filter types, the compressor system needs is the first thing to consider. It is for you to identify whether a coalescing filter, vapor removal filter, or particulate filter is the best for your work.

Overall, dealing with works that require the use of different air tools may be exhausting at times. But when you know the exact and proper air tools for your working need, every process will fall into place. Having the right understanding and sufficient knowledge to manage and control your air tools will also help you achieve a successful project. Choose the best air tools from Le Lematec and secure an outstanding result for your workshop or home improvement activities!