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Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)

Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)
Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)

Tire Inflator (DTI-10F)

$49.75 USD

Le Lematec DTI-10F Tire Inflator with Rotatable Digital Gauge 

  • Le Lematec DTI-10F Tire Inflator is specially engineered to be portable and lightweight with just 1.3 lbs for convenience. 
  • Ensures accurate air pressure readings with a digital gauge that measures pressure ranges of 0-160 PSI , 0-11.0 BAR , 0- 1.1 Mpa. 
  • Made with Highly durable aluminum for long-lasting use. 
  • Equipped with durable 50cm hose and clip chuck for secure attachment and leakless tire inflation. 
  • With airflow 16CFM at 100 PSI; Operating Pressure: 90 PSI
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Safe tire inflation is highly important to ensure tire quality, vehicle performance, and road safety. Therefore, you have to choose the most reliable tire inflator for your personal, garage, or workshop use. Le Lematec Tire Inflators are the most reliable units due to quality, functionality, and efficiency.

The DTI-10F Tire Inflator is engineered for optimal performance. It provides accurate readings, leakless air pressure inflation, and overall efficiency. It is compact and lightweight for comfort when used in an active environment. Easy to store in car trunks, you can bring it along during trips for backup use.  


Le Lematec DTI-10F Tire Inflator for Efficient Tire Inflation 

Versatile and Efficient

The DTI-10 Tire Inflator is made for excellent tire inflation while providing convenience to users. It is carefully engineered with very functional parts. It has an ergonomically designed handle for more comfort despite its solid construction. Moreover, it has a digital air pressure gauge with 360-degree swivel function making it easy to read air pressure at any angle and may it be for left or right-handed users.

Heavy-Duty Materials for Durability

Le Lematec offers a specially constructed tire inflator with heavy-duty aluminum material for long-term use. This unit can withstand accidental drops and bumps thereby cutting material and unit cost.

Auto-Off for Conserving Battery Life

Le Lematec Tire Inflators don’t just offer top performance but also helps in conserving energy. With its auto-shut-off feature, be able to save your battery life thereby cutting down cost as well preserving the unit's quality over time.

Multi-Scale Display and Accurate Readings

The DTI-210F Tire Inflator is highly reliable for accurate air pressure readings. This is made possible with an easy-to-read air pressure gauge with 3 unit pressure ranges of 0-160 PSI , 0-11.0 BAR , 0- 1.1 Mpa.

 Wide Variety of Applications

The Le Lematec can handle just anything from ball and bike tire inflation to motorbikes, cars, SUVs, and truck tire inflation. It is an essential tool used by many professionals in the industry.

Why Choose Le Lematec DTI-10F Tire Inflator?

  • Efficient Tire Inflation
  • Compact and Portable
  • High Accuracy
  • Heavy-Duty
  • With Rotatable Gauge Angle



Tire Inflators

Item No.:

  • DTI-10F


  •  Inflating 

  • Deflating 

  • Measure Air Pressure


Air Inlet1/4" Female
Operation pressure90 PSI.
Air Flow at 100 PSI12 CFM
Gauge 360 Degree Swivel Function 
Measure Range0-160 PSI , 0-11.0 BAR , 0- 1.1 Mpa
Pressure Increments0.5 PSI ; 0.05 Bar ; 0.005 Mpa
Supply Voltage

3.0 V DC 

Battery Life: 1,500 hrs.(continue working)

Large LCD Display for Easy Reading 

Rubber Hose <360 Degree Swivel Function> & Clip TIP

  (Hose 43cm)


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