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Tire Inflator (TIG-07)

Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)
Tire Inflator (TIG-07)

Tire Inflator (TIG-07)

$49.00 USD

Le Lematec TIG-07 Tire Inflator with Gauge and Hose Rotation & 360 Degree Clip Tip

  • The TIG-07 Tire Inflator is a heavy-duty unit made of durable zinc and TPR materials for maximum performance and a longer lifespan. 
  • Equipped with a 3.5 air pressure gauge with rubber shroud protection for convenient air pressure readings. 
  • With an ergonomically designed handle and easy-to-access controls for a convenient one-hand operation. 
  • With a standard operating pressure of 90 PSI and four pressure readings of 0 - 220 PSI <lb/cm2; 0 - 15 Bar <kg/cm2>; 0-1,500 kpa. 
  • With a universal air inlet of ¼ inch with a mesh screen for filtered air and a brass air chuck for secure leakproof tire inflation. 
  • Flexible with Hose Rotation & 360 Degree Clip Tip and 50cm hose.
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Effectively prevent punctured tires, overinflated tires, or underinflated tires by using a multifunctional tire inflator with a gauge. Maintaining your vehicle tires is essential to avoid such issues that can result in road accidents. Le Lematec TIG-07 Tire Inflator with gauge has 3 vital functions that can solve flat tire problems quickly. Easily adjust a tire's air pressure with its inflate and deflate function supported by accurate air pressure reading.


Made compact and portable, you can bring the TIG-07 Tire Inflator on long trips by simply storing it in your car trunk. Maintain your tire’s great condition and your vehicle's safety anytime and anywhere.


TIG-07 Tire Inflator Features


Superior Construction

Le Lematec Tire Inflators are always engineered for long-lasting performance in shops, garages, and outdoors. The TIG-07 Tire Inflator body is made of top-quality Zinc and TPR materials. It also has a durable 50xm long hose and a brass air chuck for secure and no leak tire inflation.


Large Gauge

Air pressure reading is made quick and convenient with TIG-07 Tire Inflator’s 3.5 inches air pressure gauge. Easily read pressure readings of 0 - 220 PSI <lb/cm2; 0 - 15 Bar <kg/cm2>; 0-1,500 Kph during operation.


Suitable for Many Applications

This tire inflator can handle a wide variety of vehicle tires such as cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and even large trucks making it an essential tool for workshops, automotive, car owners, and industries. Maintain your vehicle’s tire pressure anywhere with this portable tire inflator.

You can also use it for simple inflation on balls and bike tires.


3-in-1 Function

This (TIG-07) is multifunctional with its three featured functions. Get accurate air pressure from the air pressure gauge, pull the inflator trigger for inflation and press the red button just under the gauge for easy deflation. This convenient one-hand operation helps in fast and efficient operations.


Quick Tire Inflation

Being stuck on the road with a flat tire is no longer an issue with the help of Le Lematec TIG-07Tire Inflator with a gauge. Its fast airflow guarantees quick tire inflation, thereby helping you to be back on the road again in no time.


Why Choose Le Lematec Tire Inflator TIG-07?

  • Flexibility and Efficiency
  • Heavy-Duty for Long Lifespan
  • Multifunction: Measure, Inflate, and Deflate
  • Large Gauge
  • Suitable for a Wide Variety of Vehicles



Tire Inflators

Item No.:

  • TIG-07


  • Inflating

  • Deflating

  • Measure Air Pressure



Body GunZINC & TPR
Air Inlet1/4" FEMALE  (Air Inlet with 20 Mesh Screen)
Operating Pressure90 PSI.
Gauge3.5"  (Rubber Shroud Protection)
Pressure range

0 - 220 PSI <lb/cm2

0 - 15 Bar  <kg/cm2>

0-1,500 kpa

Hose Rotation & 360 Degree Clip Tip.(Hose 50 cm) 

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