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Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)

Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)
Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)

Tire Inflator (TIG09-1)

$45.00 USD

Le Lematec TIG09-1 Tire Inflator with 360 Degrees Rotatable Dial

  • For portability and ease of use, Le Lematec designed TIG09-1 with compact design and single-hand use. 
  • With a standard operating pressure of 90 PSI and pressure readings of 0~160 lb/in2(PSI) ,0~11 kg/cm2. 
  • Made of durable ABS material that can handle tough conditions in garages, workshops, and the outdoors. Be able to save on tools that can last long. 
  • Has an ergonomically designed handle that provides comfort to workers during longer operations. 
  • It provides optimal convenience with its 360 degrees rotatable dial making pressure reading easy at any angle specially in tight areas.
  • With a ¼ inch air inlet that fits most compressed air systems, and has a brass air chuck for secure connection to the tire valve shaft. 
  • Le Lematec Tire inflators help tires to be in their top performance. Thereby, increasing safety by reducing road accidents caused by punctures or explosions. 
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Driving with a flat tire can damage your wheels and vehicle, and worse, may result in road accidents. Therefore, it is essential to have your tires checked and have a reliable tire inflator. Properly inflated tires will always be in top performance ensuring your safety on the road. Le Lematec is dedicated to providing expertly engineered tire inflators that can maintain tire quality that support vehicle performance for increased safety.


The TIG09-1 Tire Inflator is an easy single-hand use tool with compact design for effortless use and easy storage. Bring it along during long trips to minimize getting stuck on the road due to flat tires. Easily connect it to your portable compressed air tank then measure air pressure, inflate, or deflate according to your tire’s air pressure needs.


 TIG09-1 Tire Inflator Features


Durable and Reliable for Road Safety

Built with heavy-duty ABS material for portability and high performance, the Le Lematec TIG09-1 Tire inflator is highly reliable for use in tough conditions and environments thereby ensuring tires’ top condition wherever you are.


Rotatable Dial for Convenient Use

Tire inflation is made easy without the need to twist the tire inflator’s body to have access to the air pressure gauge. Le Lematec designed TIG09-1 with a 360 degrees rotatable dial for flexible reading at any angle.


Rubber Protected Gauge

Air pressure gauges are sensitive parts that need protection for longer use. TIG09-1’s gauge is rubber protected to reduce impacts from accidental dropping and hitting of the tool.


Clear Gauge Scale for Easy Reading

Reading air pressure is made easier with Le Lematec TIG09-1’s clear gauge scale. This improves productivity and provides convenience to users.


Ergonomic Handle Design

Le Lematec TIG09-1 Tire Inflator’s handle is expertly designed with ergonomic handles to minimize user’s muscle fatigue when used for longer time.


Why Choose Le Lematec TIG09-1 Tire Inflator?

  • Suitable for All Types of Vehicles
  • High Accuracy Reading
  • Rotatable Dial
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Heavy-Duty Material



Tire Inflators

Item No.:

  • TIG09-1


  • Inflating

  •  Deflating

  • Measure Air Pressure


Air Inlet1/4
Operation pressure90 PSI.
Measures pressure range0~160 lb/in2(PSI) ,0~11 kg/cm2
Body 360 Degree 
GaugeRubber Protected, 2
Rubber Hose  33CM & Clip 

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