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Air Hammer Tools

Whether you’re a DIYer or a workshop owner, getting your hands on the best Air Hammer Tools, also known as air chisels, can give you a wide range of benefits. When it comes to working tools, it is always important to go for the ones that provide great dependability. Using a hammer in a specific project requires a hand that can withstand the weight of the tool itself and other challenges of the application. Aside from that, using traditional hammers can be time-consuming compared to air hammers that promotes faster and easier task accomplishment. Though they basically differ from one another, regular and air hammers are known for being versatile. Besides, they are proven to be useful around any kind of workshop application.

What is an Air Hammer?

As you may know, air hammers do not resemble standard hammers in any way, not even their looks. Instead, air hammers resemble a handgun or a pistol. Hence, you need to keep it out of reach of children to avoid any unwanted accidents. In a nutshell, an air hammer is a tool that uses compressed air as a power source to produce strong repetitive strokes through a barrel. The compressor stores clean air that travels through a secured air hose and enters the handle of the air hammer. Usually, you can find a trigger located on the handle that controls the power output. The  type of force that you need would depend on the type of Accessory Tools For Air Hammer. These chisels come in the form of removable extensions attached at the end of the barrel. Amazingly, air hammers also work on iron, marble, steel, and wood. However, aiming for good results has something to do with utilizing the right amount of pressure needed and the type of chisel to use. Since not every task is the same, you have to change the chisel extensions so you can finish the toughest industrial job or various applications around your home with great ease and efficiency. So if you’re still unsure about the kind of chisel you need, it would be best to run a test sample and observe the results. In addition, completely avoiding the occurrence of air pressure loss and ensuring that there is no damage or issue on both tools would yield the desired force that can cut off a thick steel material with little to no effort at all.

Important Factors to Consider

Apparently, you do not have to be an industrial metal worker for you to invest in an air hammer. As it turns out, it is used by artists as well - craftsmen and sculptors, to be exact. Most air hammers’ ergonomic grip comes with a one-handed forward or reverse control feature that allows you to get the job done faster while being more productive throughout the day. With all these things mentioned, you have to be careful in buying your new Air Compressor And Pneumatic Tool Setup to avoid wasting money and end your exhausting days for good.

So here are the common things to consider when purchasing an air hammer:

Blows Per Minute (BPM)

Every air hammer can be measured by BPMs or “blows per minute.” This measurement determines the cycles compressed air enters the barrel and makes the piston go back and forth up to a thousand times in just a single minute. Remember that the lower the number of blows per minute, the stronger the hammer can impact any application. It would be ideal if you can get an air hammer that has 2,000-3,000 BPMs. These numbers can effectively work on medium-to-heavy-duty projects.

Revolutions Per Minute

Another type of measurement to consider in acquiring air hammers, revolutions per minute (RPM), measures the frequency of each rotation. It can effectively determine the exact number of full rotations done per minute around a fixed axis. In short, by knowing the number of RPMs, you can also know how many times your air hammer rotates every single minute. 

Barrel Size

Different types and brands of air hammers come with different barrel sizes. The truth is, there is no such universal barrel size for each task or project. Their variations in lengths make them unique from one another. Commonly, heavy-duty air hammers come with the longest barrels that are known to provide stronger force to the piston. However, the longer the barrel, the more it can negatively affect the portability and accessibility of the tool itself. So if you’re aiming to have an air hammer that boasts versatility, do not opt for the ones with the longest barrels.

Compressor Size

The pressurization of air occurs in an air compressor tank that is directly attached to the air hammer via a hose. Considering the right size of the tank is important to achieve your desired result when using an air hammer. Amazingly, any air compressor can do the job when it comes to powering an air tool at its best. But still, you need to check the required PSI and CFM rating of the air hammer to match the ratings of the Air Compressor And Impact Tools you’ll buy. These important specifications can be easily seen on the tank’s label.

Now, you are already armed with the important knowledge on getting the best air hammer for your business or personal needs. Here at Le Lematec Tools, we provide lists of high-quality air tools and guidelines to help you decide what kind of model suits your needs. After all, air tools are safer to use than electric-powered ones. To learn more, you can always see and check our website today!