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Make your spring cleaning easier with our Le Lematec Sandblasters

Get rid of all that built-up grease and grime from your barbecue grill grates in no time!

With Le Lematec Handheld Portable Sandblaster, you can ensure that there’s nothing lingering grime buildup on your grates as it can blast away even the toughest of grime, grease, and dirt within minutes.

Hassle-free Pool Tile and Surface Cleaning with Le Lematec Water Sandblaster!

The Quickest and Environmentally Safe Method To Clean Your Swimming Pool Tiles.

Get your sidewalk sparkling clean without the hassle of scrubbing!

Remove all the dirt, grime, and moss on your sidewalk and see the transformation before your very eyes with this amazing water and sandblaster gun in one.

Welcome spring by giving your garden a thorough cleaning.

Keep pests at bay by maintaining cleanliness in your garden beds in the most efficient way with Le Lematec Water Blaster!

Make your bathroom squeaky clean without getting your hands dirty with Le Lematec Water Blaster.

Giving your bathroom a truly deep clean should not be tiring! Get rid of those unsightly stains and unhealthy bacteria build-up during the spring.

What Our Customers are Saying

Bought this at the request of my uncle who wanted to give some DIY projects of his a shot. He was really amazed by how flexible and durable the gun is. He paid me more than the money I used to buy this gun because he thought I was being humble when I said that this was only $64. He couldn't believe that it's really that cheap. XD



Excellent value for the money
Makes a great pack of fittings to keep with your air compressor. Does everything you want, high quality and a great price. Totally recommended.


Definitely worth it
So I got this little guy to try and take off the old oil stains and dirt that was deep in my garage floor. Boy this thing handled it like a champ all in one pass I was able to get the majority of the stains out. I did a second pass just to "polish" it off and now it looks almost like freshly poured concrete! Amazingly cheap and Amazingly effective!

Lorena Barreda

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