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Automotive Spray Gun

In running an auto painting center, the utilization of high-volume, low-pressure spray guns or better known as HVLP spray guns, is a must. This amazing technology offers more benefits and advantages compared to standard high-pressure paint guns. HVLP spray guns allow businesses like automotive paint providers and even homeowners to finish the jobs quicker than ever and also promote cost-effectiveness in terms of resources. Clearly, a car is probably one of the most valuable possessions one can own. So there’s no reason why you should not treat it with a new and mesmerizing look by having it repainted by professionals. That being said, the need for the right automotive spray gun is essential if you want to achieve better results. Aside from that, the use of these efficient tools reduces the risks of unexpected incidents and harmful contaminants from the paints during the process. Hence, automotive painting professionals don’t have to worry about their safety having an Automotive Spray Gun for Automotive Painting on their day-to-day tasks.

Why Consider a Spray Gun?

Spray guns were invented by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss in 1888. Years have passed, his son worked hard to improve his great invention that led to the invention of the first spray gun that uses compressed air to function. And today, you’ll come across different types of automotive spray guns designed for different applications. In fact, everyone in the finishing industry would agree that spray guns play an important role in accomplishing paint jobs. These dynamic air spray guns can be used to apply paints on any type of surface, whether it be metal, stone, ceramics, plastic, glass, textile, and other types of substrate. So if you’re planning to purchase one to improve your painting business, you need to know first the three essential components that comprise a powerful spraying companion. These include a gun that works on spraying feature; another is a pot that holds the finish; and lastly is the air compressor paint spray gun that works as the power system. They also contain inlets, a fluid needle, a tip, and an air cap.

Things You Need to Know About Automotive Spray Gun 

Today, the HVLP spray gun is considered the best and premium paint sprayer in the market. It does not just work on the improvement of tasks but it is versatile enough to work on some detailed applications. But if you don’t have expertise when it comes to painting, choosing the perfect car spray paint gun can be quite hard and confusing. To help you make a wise decision, let us first help you become more familiar with the benefits of using automotive air guns.

Offers Better Paint Application

HVLP spray guns are known to reduce over spraying while paint is being applied on a particular surface. We all know that over spraying is one of the most common problems encountered in finishing a surface. And these mighty painting tools offer better “transfer efficiency” that can lead to better results. They offer about an 80% transfer rate, so there’s no need for you to cover an area twice or more to ensure the quality of the coating. With the proper utilization of automotive spray paint, you can save time and resources since paint application is more even. Thus, it reduces costs for labor while speeding up the whole process. 

Promotes Safety and Health

Dealing with paints every day is surely a challenge for professional automotive painters. Aside from its harmful effects due to paint droplets on human health, there’s also a chance that it can lead someone into an accident if not used properly. Not to mention, it’s even more exhausting to wear safety masks and other headgears just to ensure your lungs are not directly exposed to hazardous chemicals. Luckily, automotive spray guns can leave those threats behind while completely providing excellent solutions.

Stimulates Working Hours

Whatever industry you belong to, you’ll surely agree with the popular saying, “time is gold.” With the use of an HVLP spray gun, the quality of work is top-notch compared to other types of sprayers available in the market. Thus, you can guarantee quicker and more efficient operations. The faster you accomplish your jobs, the larger the amount of money you’ll surely earn in no time. Additionally, it can help enhance your business reputation that will attract more customers and clients.

Experience the Benefits with Le Lematec Tools!

To sum it up, choosing the best automotive spray gun has shown many benefits to many business owners and DIYers. Not only it brings peace of mind to its users, but it also saves them money more than they could have ever imagined. Besides, changing painting tools and equipment over and over just to find the right one can be costly and somehow frustrating. You might encounter a lot of providers from anywhere but landing on the best provider like Le Lematec Tools is extremely great. If you are interested in our products and services, you may visit our website to see what types can be your new favorite piece in your painting applications. Plus, our team of friendly and dependable air tool experts can help you find the perfect pneumatic spray gun that can totally bring the entire work together!