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Air Compressor Water Separator Filter

Depending on the type of air compressor tool you have for a specific dry application, ensuring the quality of air is very important. For example, if the compressed air includes oil, water, and other particulates and it enters the air compressor, the possibilities of short term and long term damage may occur. The quality of air has something to do with the performance, durability, and efficiency of a particular system. Thus, the need for a reliable filter accessory comes into play. Luckily, several air tool stores out there offer a variety of Air Compressor Water Separator Filters that can ensure the proper filtration of compressed air.

What Is An Air Compressor Water Separator And How Does It Work?

An air compressor water separator is basically a small but terrible air tool accessory that is attached directly to your air compressor. This amazing tool works on eliminating water present in the compressed air. Apparently, all air contains moisture and other particulates. And that's where a water separator filter must also be included in your set of air tools and accessories. A coalescing filter for air compressor is designed to remove all the liquids, oil and water vapor, and solid particles from successfully invading the system itself. Through optimal filtration, compressed air filter systems promote secure protection that can actually extend the life of an air compressor system by effectively filtering unwanted contaminants. That being said, investing in a quality air filtering system can save air tools users time and money in the long run through guaranteed efficiency, minimizing service, and prolonging the service life of any air compressor. Unfortunately, there are types of air filters that are not suitable for some dry applications, especially DIY ones. An industrial air compressor air filter that cannot completely remove excess water from the system can lead to serious problems if not fixed or replaced. For instance, if you're painting a surface and you use a defective air water filter, it will just lead to ugly blisters. So in order to achieve your desired dry air supply, you need the best water separator for your air compressor that can remove all liquid and moisture contaminants before it gets inside your equipment. This will also prevent internal parts of your compressor from the invasion of rusts and dirt. 

Important FAQS About Air Compressor Water Separator Filter That You Need to Know

In getting the right air tool and accessories, you need to enhance your knowledge about the specific tool you want to invest in. Searching facts and tips online can help, but there's nothing more satisfying than being able to answer all your queries through the FAQs page of the store you choose to purchase your needed tools. This way, it is much easier to understand some basic and complex facts and ideas concerning a specific product.

Find out these common FAQs before choosing the best water separator filter:

Do I Need To Change The Filter?

Absolutely, yes! Although there are filters that are durable enough to withstand the requirements of every air compressor application, changing the filter from time to time is great. However, there are instances where it can be challenging to determine whether you already need to replace it or not. But if you see some signs of damage like leakages, distortion, rusts, etc., then it is the best time to consider buying a new one.

Does My Compressor Need A Water Separator?

Yes. In fact, you need an oil and water filter for an air compressor that can totally eliminate liquids and moisture in every type of air compressor. Why? Because water and oil contaminants are always present in the air. Considering this air filter will provide more efficiency and a longer lifespan to your air tools. So whatever type of application you wish to accomplish, make sure that you add a water separator to your list.

Why Is The Port Size So Important?

Not every water separator filter suits every air compressor. Every portion of the filter port should be compatible to work with your compressor and air tools to avoid leakage and damage to the internal system. You can consider buying all the tools and accessories you need in the same store so you can assure that the type and size of filter you choose are perfect for your air tools. 

 Why Does My Separator Smell Odd?

If you noticed some odd odor coming from your water separator, then it probably indicates bacteria build-ups on it. According to science, bacteria usually grow in a space with a lack of oxygen, like the space in your air tool system. Once they spread rapidly on the surface, they can produce odorous hydrogen sulfide that can really affect its users. So to prevent this, make sure that you always clean and sanitize your tools and accessories.

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