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Automotive Paint Spray Gun

Applying paint to your cars through spray guns is an exciting activity. However, it requires the right Automotive Paint Spray Gun to start the process, and that requirement alone may seem a challenging task to do. Hence, it is best to first understand the type of automotive spray guns available in the market and therefore assess what is best for your requirement to avoid any careless purchase. Discover more of this in the below discussion. 

Finding The Best Spray Gun for Painting Cars

Whether you are a hobbyist spoiling your cars with the best painting tools or a professional in the field, finding the best automotive paint spray gun is necessary. Nothing is more satisfying than achieving that  fine and smooth automotive paint result, which both you and your customers require.

But how do you ensure you get the best spray gun out of wide selections in the market? First of all, you need to understand what requirement is needed when looking for this kind of tool. While it may seem easy to assume that all automotive spray guns are applicable for all cars, each type works differently. Having the best paint spray gun for your cars requires knowledge of spray patterns to ensure you apply the best paint. 

Different Types of Automotive Paint Spray Gun

To make it easier  and convenient, one must know the tool and its functions. . When it comes to spray guns and dealing with automotive works, choosing the best tool is necessary. 

Now, as mentioned above, there are different types of automotive paint spray guns. Understanding it  will help you identify and match what is the best spray gun for your needs. While it may seem confusing to choose among them, there are distinct features that you should consider  to balance whichever is the best item. Learn more about these different types below. 

Automotive HVLP Spray Gun

One of the popular spray guns these days is automotive HVLP spray guns. It has compelling features, making it preferred by many workers in the field. If you are looking for a painting tool to help you add a touch to areas and smooth finishes, HVLP spray guns are ideal. This type of HVLP spray gun is reliable as it produces  less overspray, has an efficient regulation, promotes a cleaner work environment, all while producing  satisfying results. 

HVLP stands for high-voltage and low pressure. This  allows the user to paint in full concentration in the intended surface area. You will definitely find a long list of HVLP spray guns available in the market, including the Le Lematec HVLP Paint Spray Guns Collection. Having a professional car spray gun designed for getting any painting or staining job faster with well-finished results is a great choice. 

Gravity Feed Paint Guns

One of the most common types of automotive paint spray guns is the gravity feed. This usually has a paint cup atop of it to feed paint into the main gun. This paint cup holds the paint to use in your painting process and is released down to the spray gun chamber, where paint starts to atomize. Many chose this type of spray gun for a more comfortable handle and use. Fortunately, the Le Lematec HVLP Paint Spray Guns are also gravity feed guns that come with a 20.2-ounce paint cup to hold enough paint and available for use with any paint material, maybe base coats, and primer. 

Standard Siphon Feed Gravity Spray Guns

Unlike gravity feed spray guns, the paint cup of the standard siphon-feed gravity spray guns is located underneath.  The paint and air that comes from the airbrush compressor then mix by the nozzle. This type of spray gun is more susceptible to overspray, since its high-pressure spray is much more difficult to control. 

What Type of Automotive Paint Spray Gun Should You  Choose?

Choosing the correct item for your needs was never an easy task. You will have to assess and consider different factors and weigh the pros and cons, among other options. The HVLP paint guns have left a significant mark in the market with its ease of use and reliability.

HVLP spray guns top the choice of many given their excellent features and adjustability for various settings. As it delivers cleaner paint, less overspray, and satisfactory results, HVLP spray guns are a great choice. To find the best car spray gun kit for your work, make sure to assess your requirement carefully and do thorough research. 

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