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Portable Dustless Sandblaster

Today, sandblasting is one of the most effective ways of cleaning and preparing different types of surfaces. In fact, several auto mechanics, woodworkers, metallurgists, and other related professionals are now using this method in order to make their work tasks more efficient and convenient. You may be thinking that it is called “sandblasting” because it is only sand that powers the whole tool; well, it’s not. You can use different kinds of abrasives like steel grit, coal slag, crushed glass, and more, depending on the material that you’ll be using in the process. 

But just like any other working tools you use at home or at work, sandblasting can bring potential harm to people. Luckily, you can have the chance to experience safe and fast sandblasting with the help of one of the latest types of modern surface cleaners - portable dustless sandblasters. Nevertheless, it is still recommended by experts to always practice safety precautions such as wearing proper safety equipment like protective eyewear and headgears. 

When to Use a Portable Dustless Sandblaster?

Not all portable sandblasting machines are exclusive only for industrial or mechanical use. Portable sandblasters can also be used to clean household tools and even old cars. For instance, if your screwdrivers, grinders, nail guns, and other metal tools become rusted, you don’t have to buy a rust cleaner from the department store or make a DIY rust remover at home just to get rid of those tarnishes. Aside from removing rust and dirt, the use of a portable dustless sandblaster is perfect for removing old paint from your house. Of course, you deserve a comfy spot where you can relax and enjoy staying at home during the weekends. So if you think your interior walls, fences, and patios need to be repainted to give the whole family some refreshing vibes, purchasing from the best portable dustless sandblaster provider near you is a great idea. The high-speed abrasives ousted from a sandblaster can completely scrub all the unnecessary grunge present on a surface without having to use water. Not to mention, sandblasting is also an effective way to clean concrete surfaces outside, including dirty walkways, pavements, and street walls.

Why Choose Portable Dustless Sandblaster Over Traditional Surface Cleaner

There is no denying. Dustless blasting or also known as wet blasting, is the new face of paint stripping and cleaning system that can quickly remove hard to get coatings and dirt from any surface. Although the use of traditional cleaners is still an option for many, leveling up the game with the best portable dustless sandblasting machine is a worthy decision. Dustless blasting allows users to remove what is left of the old coatings, leaving a smooth, clean surface that can look brand new. 


Indeed, there’s no other time-efficient cleaning tool than a portable dustless sandblaster that can finish removing rust in a car in less than 2 hours. Unlike traditional surface cleaner, a dustless Sandblaster can quickly do cleaning and prepping any kind of surface with a satisfying result. Also, dustless blasting can reduce your time cleaning the area after the sandblasting process. You can just put down plastic on the ground before you start. Since there are no dust traces, you can instantly collect the abrasive media once the job is finished. 

Greater Applications

With their undeniable effectiveness, portable dustless sandblasters have a wide variety of uses and applications. While traditional surface cleaners like scouring pads and bleaches have limited applications, dustless sandblasters can be used on all surfaces, including wood, metal, bricks, concrete, and other hard surfaces. Also, in wet blasting, the contaminants and blast media don’t remain on the surface. That is why it is highly-recommended for repainting or any application of the protective coating on a surface. Aside from being a great surface cleaning companion at home, this amazing equipment has been used in different areas such as marine, automotive, refinery, and other industries to clean different surfaces. 

Safe for Users

Surely, you don’t want to invest your hard-earned money into something that can risk your health and safety. That being said, you need a portable dustless sandblaster that produces a far safer working environment than other conventional cleaning methods. Compared to other types of blasting, dustless sandblaster equipment keeps you from being exposed to particles and dust coming out from the blast media. This smart tool is encased in the water when it is being used to clean a particular surface that prevents the creation of dust particles. Thus, providing a safer environment both for users and other people present in the working area.

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