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Pneumatic Vacuum Blow Gun

Specks of dirt roaming everywhere in the house or any other surface are troublesome. However, when you have loaded works other than cleaning surfaces, it may be time-consuming to accomplish all your tasks. This is when  a Pneumatic Vacuum Blow Gun becomes very useful for both home and industrial uses. Find out how to find the right one in this discussion. 

Why Ensure Safe Air Operated Blow Vacuum Gun

An air-operated blow vacuum gun is another useful tool for cleaning off dirt from surfaces. Unlike traditional cleaning methods that are both tedious and time-consuming,  this tool helps the user to accomplish tasks in less time yet quality results. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your project results to what you want. 

However, there are still risks that come along in using a pneumatic vacuum blow gun. It may affect your eyesight, hearing, or other parts of the body when the needed safety precautions are ignored.Particles may fly away along the process that may bounce back to the operator, affecting the eye. That said, it is important  to conduct necessary research before buying a pneumatic vacuum blow gun. Ensure to get a safe one that is durable and reliable to perform secure function and quality results. 

Types of Air Operated Blow Vacuum Gun

You  will definitely encounter many air-operated or pneumatic vacuum blow guns as you search the market. You will find different types of it that have recommended applications. These three different types are the standard safety straight nozzles, flat nozzles, and small diameter nozzles. 

In detail, a pneumatic vacuum blow gun differs in terms of nozzle type and actuation style. The standard safety straight nozzles are ideal for general applications, as it gives upstream pressure level to dead-end pressure. It is also perfect for cleaning off those hard-to-reach surfaces. Meanwhile, the flat nozzles are suitable for blowing off large areas, and small diameter nozzles are for tight openings. 

The Evaluation Criteria When Buying Pneumatic Vacuum Blow Gun

Now, your next step is to ensure you will get the right pneumatic vacuum blow gun for your home, next project, or workshops. However, this may be a challenging task if you are dealing with it for the first time, or if you just got back from using it in a while. As you need to find a safe and reliable blow vacuum gun, it is crucial to carefully decide and assess the equipment that  you would eventually  buy. From pressure, flow, to airline type, everything should be carefully assessed properly before purchase. Note that more than its price, its quality and performance  should also be carefully considered. Learn how to evaluate blow vacuum guns using the guide factors below. 


In every air tool, pressure plays a crucial role during operation. When planning to operate a blowgun, the air pressure is one factor to look out for before buying. Make sure to check the pressure ratings that manufacturers recommend for the use of this tool. However, take note that there are ratings that buyers can easily get confused with in regards to pressure. It is because sometimes, the maximum pressure allowed is not the actual pressure the blowgun can actually perform. 


The flow rate of a blowgun, measured by Lpm, varies on the level of the cleaning. If you are looking for blowguns for home use, you are most likely to use an  Lpm rating ranging from 6 to 10. Meanwhile, industrial blow guns may range from 10 to 40 Lpm. Finding the right cost to power ratio that suits and meets your needs is what you need to practice. Remember that you do not just need a regular blowgun, but a quality one that would deliver quality output as required. 

Air Line Connection Type

Air line connectors are another factor you can check when buying a blowgun. There are many types of air line connectors used for blowguns. You can find push-on, quick-release connectors, and more. Most of these types come with NPT measurements giving the buyer a wide selection. Each airline connection type varies in the application, and if your task needs flexible positioning, then airline connectors with pivot or swivel may help. 

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Since there are many blowguns you can find in the market today, it may be tricky to find the best one. However, understanding  the differences and using guiding factors would help make your search for  the right and quality air tools easier and manageable.

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