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Best Automotive HVLP Spray Gun

An automotive paint gun is a specialized tool used to administer high volumes of paint to effectively cover a car surface evenly. It is designed to provide optimum benefits to a wide range of uses that is perfect for industrial painters. These paint sprayers allow users to quickly paint the entire body or a particular structure of a car with no delay. Aside from that, many professional automotive painters prefer this kind of painting tool for better production and quality results. For instance, painting a car that has been stripped down or replacing the door color to match the entire body, automotive paint guns make the process of applying multiple coats more efficient, which is very helpful for auto painters and car detailers. Not to mention, many home DIYers are also hooked on these reliable paint guns because using them can totally speed up work while ensuring proper control and coverage in the painting process. The Best Automotive HVLP Spray Gun will give users satisfying finishes that are much faster compared to traditional painting tools.

What Are the Different Types of Automotive Paint Guns and How It Works?

Just like any other air tools, paint spray guns come in different shapes and sizes for a wide range of applications. But still, each of them provides the same function - a faster and more convenient painting process. Its HVLP feature means that it can deliver a high volume of paint at a low spraying pressure that can lead to damage prevention and improper concentration of paint in a particular area. But did you know that the differences in types of paint guns can be determined by their source of power and how they are being fed? You can choose if you want to invest in an electric-powered or air-powered gun. But nowadays, most people choose a pneumatic paint gun because it is much safer to use and it can save them from high electric bills. Of course, knowing how to use an HVLP spray gun properly and safely is great. This includes knowing the right paint to use in a spray gun. Also, you can choose if you want a gravity-fed paint gun that uses a hopper above the paint gun to draw paint down into the air stream or a pressure fed gun that creates suction from the air stream and draws paint into the airflow. Nevertheless, any choice can still give you the same result. As mentioned above, an air paint spray gun delivers a high volume of paint at relatively low pressure. This creates a pressurized flow of air that pulls out paint from the tip of the nozzle. These spray gun systems come with adjustable spray nozzles to vary the shape and direction of the paint spray, producing a perfectly applied coat of paint. 

What To Look For in an Automotive Paint Gun?

An HVLP spray gun is the ultimate choice of many industrial workers when it comes to quality painting and affordability. When paired with the right air compressor, finishing a paint job is as easy as pie. However, depending on your type of project or application, there are several things you'll want to know when you're shopping for an automotive paint gun from a trusted shop.  


Surely, you want to finish a job that can assure you convenience and quality. Thus, considering how heavy your new air spray gun is essential, especially when you need to utilize it for a long period of time daily. Since each air tool doesn't have a motor as a source of power, air tools like spray guns are significantly lighter in weight compared to their electric counterparts. Make sure you find the right one that you can support all throughout the application process.

Right Amount of Air Pressure

In using air HVLP paint spray guns, it's important to find a spray paint compressor that provides the required amount of pressure and volume of air to your specific application. This will promote consistent paint flow that results in a smooth and even finish. The right air compressor used in every air tool creates pressurized air in a storage tank. Also, they come with different pressure limits, which is where choosing the right one comes into play.

Convenient Cleaning Process

At some point, it can be frustrating to clean all the remaining paint inside your automotive paint sprayer after you finish a particular auto paint job. But it can be more of a nuisance if you just let it dry since it can be prone to a short term or long term problem. Aside from stress, it can totally cost you additional money because of the need for maintenance and repair. Hence, you need to go for a paint spray gun that has disassembled features so it can be a lot easier to clean it, especially its internal parts. 

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The advantages of air tools like automotive HVLP paint spray guns provide many industries with a reliable method of getting work efficiently done in no time. Also, with the right knowledge and guidance when it comes to the proper air compression system, many people enjoy the convenience and ease of using these air-powered tools. However, while they seem like very accessible tools nowadays, learning some basic guidelines in deciding which one can be a trickier part to understand. At Le Lematec Tools, we have professionals available to discuss different options that would work best for your type of application. Contact us today to get all the information you need and get the right automotive air spray gun!