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Air Hose Connector Fittings Near Me

Are you planning on beginning your automotive journey? Wouldn’t be a problem as long as you got everything covered, like having the complete set of tools needed for the job. The kit should include the primary air tool, an air compressor, and air accessories like air hoses and air fittings. 

Now, what can you do if you don't have both? You might have already scoured the internet searching for the “best Air Hose Connector Fittings Near Me” and still haven't found the right one for you. Well, it's a common problem for seekers as they might have lesser knowledge about air fittings. There are several types of attachments included in an air fitting kit. If you don't know the specific tool to find, it won't be easy for you to find the right fit.

Luckily for you, we’ll be more than happy to help you with your search! This blog will help you along the way in finding the right size and proper length of hose that can secure the air hose to your air compressor. 

Differentiating Various Air Hose Connector Fittings Near Me

There are several air hose connectors available both online and at your local hardware stores. However, that would still depend on the type of work that you would do. The most common situation you'll encounter are the plastic air hose connector and threaded air hose connector. Both of them work well, of course, when used for their corresponding type of tasks. So let's dwell on both of them further.

A threaded air hose connector is typically used for assisting in gardening duties. You may notice your hose garden with a criss-cross design. That's what the threaded type looks like. Meanwhile, another type is the plastic air hose connector. This particular type is known for being used for heavy-duty type of tasks. Since it is slightly much sturdier than the threaded type, it is perfect for airflow pressure operations. 

However, if you wish for a more durable and resistant to a harsh environment, then using copper air fittings should be one of your priorities as well. This particular item is mainly used for various types of work (e.g., industrial, automotive, etc.). Its copper body helps it to offer that durability and reliability. Allow the air hose to be secured well by using this accessory attachment.

Types of Air Compressor Hose Small Connector

After understanding what kind of air hose to purchase, it's now time for you to know more about air fittings. As mentioned earlier, an air fitting like a copper-body coupler is used for securing air hoses. That way, no air leaks may occur while working on your project. However, just like air hoses, there are various types of air fittings you must know. There are three major types, couplers, plugs, and color-coded connectors. Let's learn more about each of them below.


A coupler is an air fitting that is usually used for industrial and automotive tasks. This product is easily recognizable as it looks like a cylinder object that has two similar rounded ends. You may notice some markings and stripe design as well. However, that's not how you'll know which one you like. 

Currently, there are several types of couplers as well. That depends on the kind of work or project and the size you want. Like plugs, there is also a universal coupler which makes it easier to pair with a universal plug. Check the list below if you are looking for other types of couplers:

- M-Style Coupler

- V-Style Coupler

- Universal Coupler

- Manual Coupler

- Automatic Coupler 


Meanwhile, another air fitting you must know is a plug. As mentioned, a pin is used to pair with a coupler. However, you must find the perfect one to secure the connection with the air hose and air compressor. To do so, you must check the size you need and identify which project you are going to do. That way, the connection can hold more as there is a specific pair of couplers and plugs assigned depending on a particular project.

Here are some of the plugs you'll encounter in the local stores and online stores:

- Industrial Plug

- High-flow Plug

- Automotive Plug

- Lincoln Plug

Color-Coded Connectors

Lastly, this type of air fitting is much easier to identify than the two above. With the name itself, the fittings are well identified through the use of the assigned color. Check the color and get the same shade of coupler and plug. Those pairs will be the right fit for you. However, not all tool companies offer this matching set. That's why knowing the specific details is still vital to have what you need. 

Why Choose Le Lematec to Buy Your Air Fittings

Understanding every detail about air hoses and air fittings is vital. As you dwell more in the research, you'll know that every product like air fittings are not the same or universal. Instead, there is a specific type that you must use to secure the connectors with the air hose. That way, no air leakages may happen. Thus, ensuring the success of your project.

Le Lematec, a Taiwan-based company, offers specific kits that can help you save up. Instead of buying the couplers and plugs individually, they offer an air fitting kit consisting of several pieces if you lost a part. Moreover, they are copper-body fittings, which ensures the durability of the tool. If ever you don't feel confident about the connection of the couplers and plugs, they also include Teflon tape for a more secure connection. Visit their website now for more info!