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Best Hose Size For Air Tools

There is nothing more satisfactory than keeping your air tools and air compressors with the best quality of accessories like an air compressor hose. However, finding what air hose is best for air tools is challenging. As there are many air hose products available today and displaying the same function, it is not easy to get the Best Hose Size For Air Tools

The Essential of Quality Air Compressor Hose 

In ensuring stable air pressure, a tight seal, and a steady stream of airflow when air tools connect to the air compressor, a quality air compressor hose is essential. Whether you have experience or dealing with an air hose for the first time, a reliable air hose is needed to achieve the best performance from your air tools. 

How To Choose The Best Hose Size For Air Tools

Well, upgrading your existing air hose with a random air hose is simple but choosing the best-size air hose for air tools needs consideration. Whether it is a replacement or a new set of air tools, the process is the same and requires attention to ensure getting the right one. We understand how tricky it may be, and so we gather a quick and detailed guide to help you choose the best hose size for air tools. When assessing the air hose size, there are factors you need to consider. These are length, diameter, material, and types of hose. Check these factors one by one below. 

Assess your applications to determine the air hose length.

Remember that it is not ideal to have an air hose length that is too short or too long. Determining the best hose size for air tools will depend on your applications. From there, you can identify whether you need enough or a long air hose for your work. If you are working in the auto body shop where tasks deal with many vehicles, you will probably need a long air hose to move around. On the other hand, if you are working with tools at one spot, like an air drill, your air hose length may be shorter. 

There are also air hoses that users can connect to adjust their air hose length when needed. But if you know firsthand that you will be dealing with an extended reach, then using a longer hose is way better than connecting different hoses. It ensures that there will be no problem in airflow and the air tools will function well. 

However, it is vital to note that the air pressure losses increase as the air hose length gets longer. That said, when deciding your air hose length, you need to get the balance of mobility and pressure. As much as possible, avoid the air pressure losses with the accurate size to ensure compressed air travels well. 

Understand the CFM needs of your air tools to select the right air hose diameter.

The internal diameter is the measurement of air hoses with standard metric sizes of 6mm, 8mm, or 10mm. The higher the inner diameter, the higher the air capacity it can handle. That said, when choosing the right air hose diameter, you will need to check the CFM specifications of your air tools first. It is your guide in identifying whether you need the smallest or highest size of air hose diameter. 

Check the air hose materials before buying an air hose. 

Materials used in every product is one of the first things you need to check. Its lifespan and capacity also rely on its materials, whether durable and reliable enough to perform a particular function. The common materials you can refer to are nylon, neoprene, and polyurethane. Air hoses made of nylon are noticeable lightweight, easy to transfer and maneuver for home uses, while neoprene is thick and dependable for heavy industrial applications. Meanwhile, polyurethane is also lightweight and suitable for applications that require high-pressure. 

Choose between standard or recoil type of air hose. 

The two types of air hose are standard and recoil. Standard air hoses are flat and stored by loosely wrapped, while recoil is telephone wires alike. Auto body shops prefer standard air hoses as recoil air hoses may restrict and limit their mobility. On the other hand, the factories prefer the recoil air hoses as they can be stored easily.

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