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Air Compressor Inline Oil Filter

Choosing an inline filter can be confusing if you do not ask the right questions or understand the process of proper filtration. The proper selection and use of Air Compressor Inline Oil Filters will surely prevent many short and long term problems with your compressed air systems. Aside from that, considering the right one can save you more time and money for maintenance and equipment replacement. Although oil filters are commonly used for bigger air compressors, many professionals preferred these filters in accomplishing a wide range of applications. Obviously, they work on effectively filtering the oil to remove any dirt. 

Why Need an Air Filter?

Compressed air used in different pneumatic applications can oftentimes be supported by a standard filter that provides filtration down to 1 or 0.01 micron. If your application requires the elimination of oil vapors and needs to be approved by OSHA, then you need an inline air compressor filter that can easily trap dirt, oil, and moisture as a receiving filter for your air tools. Understanding how clean your air needs to be, you have to identify and assess the importance of using the right air filter. However, not all applications that utilize compressed air require the same level of the filtration process. If you try to assess the possible amount of damage that oil can cause within your compressed air system, you have to understand first the basic requirements of the air tools and air compressors you are using as well as the industry where you belong. For instance, if you belong to a particular industry where strict health rules are implemented, or the tools that you are using are sensitive to oil, lubricants, or moisture, choosing the right air filter is very crucial. Similar to other types of particulates, lubricants and oils can enter your compressed air system from the compressor itself. Besides, industries such as electronics and automotive are especially exposed to this kind of contamination, which can result in poor production, missed deadlines, and a bad reputation. Improper filtration often leads to severe damage due to pipe corrosion, increased airflow pressure that can give you unexpected repair costs, or worse, you have to buy new tools for you. 

Choosing the Right Air Compressor Oil Filter

Working with air compressors, you definitely consider the importance of proper air purification and filtration. Choosing the right type of filter for a specific application not only increases the efficiency of your air compressor system but can also eliminate energy costs and protect people from hazardous chemicals and particulates. However, not just any air filter will work for your type of compressor and also for your overall requirements. Hence, this guide will help you know the basic things you need to know in choosing the right air compressor oil filter.

Quality of Products

A good air compressor oil filter comes with the right additives in order to work properly. Without filter additives like oil demulsification, the possibility of increased foam will completely saturate the oil separator, which can lead to damage. Having a saturated oil separator will also increase pressure drop that increases the energy consumption by up to 7%. These additives that should be on your air compressor oil filter are designed to enhance oil and water separation benefits while protecting the whole system from emulsions. So before you decide, make sure that the product you are purchasing comes with quality and dependability in every application.


When planning to purchase your air compressor oil water separator filter, you need to go for the one with a price-worthy tag. It’s easier to choose a particular product when you already focus on a particular price. Of course, you need to consider your budget. With a fixed budget in mind, you have to assess each product and go for the one that boasts both the quality and cost-effectiveness in one shot. You can head straight to a reliable store near you or search for a trusted online store like Le Lematec Tools that is known for providing quality air tool products at a very affordable price.

Reliable Professionals

Investing in the right oil filter for your air compressor is not all about instincts. You also need the help of experts that can provide you knowledge about the specific product you are interested in. However, it is not your job to get easily fooled by their sweet and persuasive words. Spending time researching can give you a chance to choose from a wide range of air tools and accessories providers. Make sure that you choose the one with good customer service, reputable background, and one with amazing air compressor filter regulator reviews, so you can avoid wasting time and money for nothing.

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