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Air Pressure Regulator

Air regulators work on reducing air supply pressure to the level required of a specific application, therefore, resulting in a more efficient operation of pneumatic equipment. Aside from reducing the airflow, air regulators also control the pressure to ensure that there's no wasted compressed air in a pneumatic system. These are all possible through maintaining constant output air pressure under various input pressures and output flows. These amazing air tool accessories also remove fluctuations in the air supply. The decrease in pressure is the key characteristic of pressure regulators. In addition, an Air Pressure Regulator with filter and gauge are widely used for various home, medical and industrial applications. So if you don't have one, this is the sign telling that you should.

What is an Air Pressure Regulator

An adjustable air pressure regulator with gauge comes in various shapes, sizes, materials, and pressure ranges. They are used to provide optimum airflow capacity while maintaining the outlet pressure at a required level. As compressed air flows from the compressor tank into the air regulator and through a system of diaphragm and springs, an adjustable air pressure regulator with gauge keeps a constant downstream air pressure level, regardless of the changes in the upstream supply pressure from the air tank. For instance, you can only operate a compressed air regulator to significantly increase the downstream air pressure level. Also, you can set the downstream air pressure level that is below the lowest air pressure level that goes out from your air compressor. The compressor's highest pressure that is capable of setting the point is the pressure level inside the compressor, wherein it shuts itself off, known as the "cut out" pressure. This is when the compressor stops compressing air. On the other hand, when you start to use air coming from the air compressor tank, the pressure inside will eventually start to drop, and the air compressor will start again. This is called the "cut in" pressure. These things are very important to know and understand to achieve safe and efficient pneumatic system procedures. Hence, it is a must to know the important facts when choosing the right air pressure regulator for your air compressor.

Things to Considering When Choosing the Best Air Pressure Regulator

Most workers would agree that having a dependable tool to finish a particular task can make life easier and better. However, while many home DIYers or shop owners can easily think of conventional equipment and accessories, they often take quality and efficiency for granted.  So if you're aiming to have an outstanding result in utilizing your air tool system at home or business, then you may want to consider the factors below before choosing the best air regulator with gauge and filter for you:


When looking for the appropriate air regulator, you need to consider things including your type of tools and compressor, application, and of course, your budget. Luckily, there are several types of air regulators that you can choose from, namely: general-purpose regulators, high-pressure regulators, dual-stage regulators, and more. 

Pressure and Flow Requirements

To avoid spending time and money on nothing, it is important to consider the level of fluctuation in both the inlet and outlet pressure. The changes in flow rate should also be considered to avoid regulator failures. Remember that too much or too little air pressure flow can lead to sudden malfunction.


Getting the right level of air pressure requires good adjustments. Good thing that air pressure regulator with filter and gauge provides different methods of adjustment control. For example, manual regulators generally use knobs, while some regulator adjustment controls include parallel, serial or digital interfaces. Depending on your job requirements, you need to consider the right adjustment feature of your air regulator.


Observing the accuracy of an air regulator With gauge and filter through a given outlet pressure is essential to notice the changes of the reduction in the outlet pressure as the flow rate increases. This is most commonly referred to as "droop." The accuracy and capacity features are determined by the amount of droop for a given range of airflows. So before you decide which type of air pressure regulator to invest with, you need to carefully assess the accuracy level to ensure the quality and capability of your purchase. 

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