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Air Quality Tool

Using an air tool requires proper usage and maintenance to keep that quality-wise output every after session. That's right, carefully cleaning the tool to remove excess materials like oil, abrasive and even moisture is essential! This step is crucial to keep the device from possible deterioration. It may seem quite a hassle, but it is necessary because failing to do so can affect the performance and the air quality tool itself.

Pneumatic tools can only work with an air supply attached to them. Although, not all air supply can make the device work splendidly well unless you know the air tool cfm usage. Newbies in the field may have interchanged the cfm and psi. Assuringly they are not the same but work closely related to each other when operating an air tool.


PSI, also known as Pounds per Square Inch, is used for measuring the amount of pressure. The pressure or the force it gives pushes the compressed air to make the pneumatic tool work. Meanwhile, CFM, cubic feet per minute, acts differently. It measures the volume of air that moves per minute. 

It may not seem easy to understand, but these two are vital for working in the tool industry. Both of these units help you achieve the right amount of air to accomplish a job. The higher the psi, the stronger the air pressure it brings into the air tool.

The Vitality of Using the Right Air Pressure

No matter what kind of pneumatic tool you are using, having the correct air pressure is needed to accomplish the job. Just like when operating a tire inflator, there is a recommended psi per tire. When met, it is considered a success. However, various air tool attachments are needed to reach that number of air pressure. 

Additionally, you may say that air pressure is the heart of pneumatic tools. If there's less air pressure, the material can't be appropriately distributed, thus ending with a failed project. Meanwhile, high air pressure is good, but if the abrasive or pain you are using does not compliment that air pressure, it can also lead to a disaster. 

Tools to Use for A Quality Air for Pneumatic Tools

Now you know how vital it is to ensure that your pneumatic tool has the right amount of air pressure. It can lead you to boost your productivity and help you prolong the life span of the device as well. However, using the correct air pressure alone is not enough to achieve that air quality. You must also know which air tool attachments are needed to finish the job.

Air Compressor Filter

First on the list is the air compressor filter or the air compressor tool. This particular accessory attachment helps you provide the proper air pressure while filtering excess materials like oil, water, and particles. All of the air tool brands both in the market and online provide this accessory, so it is easy to acquire. Grab yours now and ensure a smooth sailing operation. 

Air Regulator

Another piece of equipment you need to acquire is the air regulator. From the word itself, it helps you to regulate the amount of air or the PSI and CFM you are using on the job. There are two variants, digital and analog. Both of them work well, but one can be the best pal for you. 


Aside from those mentioned above, a lubricant can be used to maintain the quality of air. However, it still depends on the air compressor you are using. A lubricant is used to help the motors to function well without scratching from each other vigorously. Oil as a lubricant is needed for that to not happen, thus ensuring you have that right amount of air.

Teflon Tape

To achieve the correct air pressure, you must ensure that no air leakages happen. To prevent that, using Teflon tape is ideal for the task. This product helps you to attain that pressure by leaving no open exits for the air to leak. In short, it allows you to keep your air supply intact.

Air Fittings 

Lastly is the air fittings. In connection to the previous one, this tool is also essential for handling any leaks. This tool helps you secure and connect the necessary attachments and support them in order to function well. It consists of plugs, couplers, and connectors, which are handy and effective for sealing. 

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