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DIY Air Tool Storage

The organization of tools or air tool rack varies in different functions and placements. Sometimes, users tend to overlook their air tools and end up with messy air tool storage. If you spend too much of your time working all day, storing back your air tools can get a bit daunting. Learn how to quickly and efficiently create your DIY Air Tool Storage here!

Air Tool Preventive Maintenance

Whether you are dealing with air tools for work or as a hobby, taking care of your equipment is necessary. Using your air tools for the various work environments is useful in many ways. It is just right to ensure these tools will not wear out and will have a longer lifespan as possible. 

Air tool preventive maintenance is possible and achievable in many ways. It doesn't always need to be costly, but creativity always pays dividends. You can ensure to keep your air tools safe by using the right accessories, operating at the standard rating, and of course, storing them at the right place. While some may find it troublesome, it is more costly to leave your air tools and disorganized rather than routinely keeping them in store. 

DIY Air Tool Storage: Ways To Store Your Air Tools

One ideal way for preventive maintenance is to store your air tools in the right place. Now, when we say at the right place, an area where you can keep your air tools at once is ideal. Remember to keep it away from children, while being easy to access and keeping it as a proper working station. If you are a hobbyist, you'll probably try different DIY projects at home. But more than that, air tool storage is also achievable, even a DIY one. There is nothing more convenient than getting your air tools efficiently when needed, keeping them back after use, cleaning them for maintenance, and checking everything from time to time. 

Are you also someone who wants to see everything organized? Keep reading and learn different ways to store your air tools with these ideas for DIY air tool storage!

DIY 1: Organize your air tools in a mobile workbench.

Working with different projects at home can be troublesome when your air tools are disorganized. It is also struggling to get every piece from time to time, especially in a large area. That said, adding a mobile workbench to organize your air tools is ideal. The purpose of this is for your heavy air tools to keep in place and ease of access when needed. Moreso, keeping the top surface clean is also ideal.

DIY 2: Utilize the available space on cabinets.

Another ideal way for DIY air tool storage is to utilize all of the available space on the end of cabinets. If you want to add extra tools to store, these spaces are a great choice as air tool holders. In order to maximize and save money, you may check your available scraps at home. It is to see whether there are things you can use instead. Since only limited space may be possible for this part, you can store air tools that are small and used frequently. 

DIY 3: Store your sized tools or accessory inboxes and add labels.

Some sized tools and accessories are not applicable to hang in the wall of place in storage as it is. It is better to keep them organized by putting them in clear boxes and adding labels to them. This way, you can have quick access to small accessories and put them back in place. Clear storage boxes and labels will make it easier for you to spot the sized tools you need. 

DIY 4: Keep connectors and screws in a clear jar.

Connectors and screws are too little to store in a large space. That said, having a clear jar is a perfect storage space where you can place your connectors and screws. Make sure to keep these little pieces away from the reach of children. It is also ideal if you can set up shelves where you can align these jars in place.

DIY 5: Hang your air tools inside a cabinet.

If you want to see your air tools and access everything in one place, hanging them inside with an air tool hanger in a cabinet is a great choice. Keeping them inside a cabinet will also keep them safe from possible theft and risks. You can also add a lock to it. Also, make sure not to fill your storage with too many air tools and hang them properly. 

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