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Air Compressor Tools & Accessories

An efficient air compressor helps achieve productive work; however, when workers continuously make mistakes during air compressor application, achieving productivity may become difficult. Learn more about air compressor works and ensure proper use of Air Compressor Tools & Accessories with the guide below. 

What Makes an Air Compressor Beneficial?

If you have been working for a workshop for a long time but only use limited tools, it may be challenging to accomplish tasks immediately and timely. While every piece of accomplished work is valuable, it is still best to use reliable air tools and air compressors to do the job.

Imagine a long list of customers waiting in an automotive shop to have their vehicles repaired, checked, or assessed. Of course, you would want to cater to all of them as much as possible, as it would also increase your profit. However, if you are using only a few tools and untrained employees, increasing your productivity may be difficult. This is why many workshops started to invest in the proper air tools and air compressors to ensure efficient work and productive outputs. Air compressors are powerful tools, and you can easily tackle different work applications through efficient energy and a cheap power source. There are also available compact, light, and easy to move portable air compressors you can use in different working environments.

Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Using Air Compressor Tools & Accessories

Given that you can do a lot with air compressor tools & accessories, it is crucial to understand how everything works for your safety. Some workers tend to jump on the actual process without carefully checking air compressor parts accessories. Even if you have the best air tools and air compressors to use, the lack of proper knowledge of what needs to be done would be sure to give you a difficult time during the process.

Obviously, there are different ways to prevent it from happening while ensuring a smooth and safe working process. You will need to start understanding some mistakes when using air compressor tools & accessories, which some first-time workers tend to make. Check out the list we have gathered below; you might have also practiced before or even until now. 

Use of a too-small air hose.

When purchasing an air compressor, there are accessories that are already included in the package, which typically includes an air hose. However, the available air compressor hose and accessories may not be suitable enough or might be too small for your work application. Using an air hose that is too small limits the pressurized air to reach the air tools you will use. Hence, having an extended air hose that is not too long would be ideal for improving efficiency. It also ensures that pressurized air will be delivered to your air tools. To secure a smooth air tool application, make sure to thoroughly assess your work requirement and use the proper air hose and air compressor fittings and accessories. 

Use of a dirty air compressor filter.

Another thing you need to avoid is using  dirty air compressor filters. While a filter helps prevent the contaminants from damaging your air tools, you would also need to prevent dirt from damaging your filter. Make sure to conduct proper maintenance and regular checking of the air compressor filter. The function of the filter may be useless if you continuously use dirty ones as it lowers air quality and so your output. Thus, ensure to check and replace it as necessary and regularly. 

Lack of proper lubrication.

Lubrication plays a vital role in every air compressor application to maximize efficiency. Hence, a continuous improper and inadequate lubrication can affect air tool application. Remember that lubrication helps reduce the tear and wear of the moving parts, thus securing a smooth and functional work application. 

Contaminated air supply

Since contaminants exist everywhere in the air, every worker must ensure that the air supply will not get contaminated that might enter your compressor system. Once it does, your air tool may get damaged which might compromise the quality of your production. This is also why installing an air compressor filter is necessary. Placing your air compressor in a clean and safe area also helps keep it away from heavy dust, dirt, and more. 

Operating above the recommended pressure ratings

Every air tool has recommended pressure ratings you need to follow. Operating it above the recommended PSI may only result in inefficient work quality; thus, every worker should be careful of running their air tools. You may also get troubled operating your compressor and air tools.

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