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Air Compressor for Pneumatic Tools

Working with Air Compressor for Pneumatic Tools is beneficial for every worker. It offers convenience, ease, and saves time that makes a productive process. However, some issues may still occur with this equipment, even with an air compressor for automotive tools or an air compressor for car tools. Having a deep understanding is always helpful. Learn these common problems here and prepare yourself if the same happens in your system.  

The Works of Air Compressor Needed for Air Tools

Dealing with lots of works requiring various tools and equipment is a heavy task for many. It would require you to exert manual force, time, patience, money, and more. However, this becomes easier and less of a worry when you have a piece of powerful equipment used for your work - an air compressor needed for air tools. 

An air compressor is a useful machine used by many workers. It supplies compressed air to air tools and works together with multiple functions. Your air tools work with the help of an air compressor, and are one of the reasons why many shift from using electrical to more convenient air-powered means. They are lightweight, require less maintenance, and cheaper compared to the electrical version, and more. An air compressor can turn an  hour of work to a short time and allows you to move comfortably without forcing yourself to release manual energy. 

The Common Problems Encounter With Air Compressor for Pneumatic Tools

While air compressors for pneumatic tools are indeed useful, workers still need to check for common problems. Whether you think you already bought the best air compressor for pneumatic tools in the market, problems will still occur without your intention. These problems happen unexpectedly, and the best way to prevent these is through developed maintenance.. Some issues involve air leaks, power supply, pressure and flow, and even other parts that need repair or replacement. To prevent this, understanding possible causes of these issues may help. Check out the common problems below and find out why these happen to your air compressor. 

Problem #1: Air leaks

Since the air compressor produced compressed air to operate air tools, one problem it may encounter is air leaks. Due to different factors, air leaks are a very plausible possibility.Whether it may be from the hood or oil fill tube, these air leaks shouldn't be neglected and need urgent action. 

To see if there are constant air leaks, check if the gauge drops. Even if the air compressor is not activated, and the system is in full charge when shut off. Now, you need to look for the source of air leaks to solve immediately. While the air compressor is unplugged, you may try checking it with applied soap on the connections and see if a bubble occurs at any point. If there is, then tighten the coupler to prevent it. Meanwhile, you can also try inspecting the tank valve. When tank valves fail to close completely, possible air leaks may also occur. If you notice pressure drops even when the tank is off, check and inspect the valve's condition for cleaning or replacement. 

Problem #2: Power

Air compressors may also encounter power problems, leading to an inefficient operation. There might be a sudden cut-off or insufficient power supply due to extension cords, or when the motor is old. When you power on your air compressor with an extension cord, there may be a loss of sufficient energy. Unlike home appliances, air compressors need to connect to a direct power source instead of extension cords. The other reason may be due to an old motor. If you are using your air compressor for pneumatic tools for quite a long time, you might need to change your old engine. You may encounter more problems with a motor that is too old, as these that may give you a headache over time. 

Problem #3: Air compressor won't start or stop. 

Apart from power problems that cause an air compressor to fail is the air pressure. An air compressor for pneumatic tools may not start if there is no sufficient air pressure. This is why checking the required pressure is needed to operate your system. On the other hand, your air compressor may not stop when there is a faulty pressure release valve or faulty pressure switch. It is best to check the condition of these parts and replace them as needed. 

Problem #4: Pressure and Flow

If you fit a discharge coupler with the wrong air hose connector, there might be blocking airflow. To operate your air compressor and air tools well,, you need to have the right pressure and proper airflow. Check every part of your system before working to prevent any interruption while in process. 

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While there might be issues you may encounter with the air compressor for pneumatic tools, you can still do possible actions. The best way to prevent these problems is to practice proper maintenance routinely and take necessary measures. Moreover, using the best air tool items is also a significant factor to ensure an efficient working process. Check our air tool collection and find the best air tools from Le Lematec!