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Portable Sand Blaster

Choosing the best air-powered portable sand blaster can be tricky, as there are several viable candidates available online. Each of them has its edge and perks depending on which project you will use them on. That's why carefully choosing which one to use is a must, so that you'll end up with a reliable yet effective air powered sandblaster.

As air tools became a standard in tool production, several mechanical users sought this kind of product to accomplish their projects at a more efficient rate. Whether it is for automotive or woodworking, Portable Sandblasters are a hit thanks to their flexibility and ease of use. However, why did you think it has more edge than an electric-powered one? 

What is Sandblasting?

Before anything else, identifying the main function of an air powered sandblaster is essential to fully understand its performance. Hence, let's begin with that first. Sandblasting uses abrasives and an air compressor to remove particular material on a specific surface. Most workers use them to remove rusts on metal surfaces, thus making it perfect for automotive and home improvement tasks

Since sandblasting is basically removing the top layers of a surface, it is also applicable for prepping a wall before painting them. Thus, a portable sandblasting and paint process is possible to occur. That way, you can achieve a nice airbrush finish, all thanks to sandblasting.

Why Use a Portable Sand Blaster?

As mentioned above, sandblasting is done because you want to strip off the rough parts on a surface. A portable sand blaster is perfect for that job. It has the mechanism to help operate smoothly. Furthermore, this kind of tool can be used anywhere you want as it is a handy piece of equipment. In connection with that, being a portable tool means that you can do more tasks as the tool's weight isn't a hindrance anymore. 

Those reasons are just some of the notable perks of using a portable air powered sandblaster. However, if you are still not convinced about its perks, never worry, as we prepared a list for you to explain further why!

Lightweight and Compact Air Tool

Portable sandblasters being lightweight were already mentioned but let's dwell on it more in this section. It is such a big deal to find a lightweight and effective tool at the same time. That's why using air tools is the best choice. Air tools don't have bulky and heavy motors inside them. That's why they are easier to operate. 

When you plan on working the whole day, using heavy tools won't matter unless you're in the middle of your shift. That time, you'll begin to experience numbness and feeling exhausted due to how heavy the tool is. However, using lightweight and compact air tools, such as sandblasters is definitely a lifesaver.


On the other hand, one great thing about sandblasters is their flexibility. No matter what project you need to accomplish, this product is your partner. Don't forget to attach all of the required air tools accessories to help the device run without any problems. Sandblaster attachment for air compressor is one noteworthy accessory you must take note of.

Whether it is woodworking or automotive, rest assured that this portable sandblaster can accomplish both of them. Its high blasting system helps to smoothen those surfaces right away.

Can Cater Several Abrasives

That's right! Even though sandblasters only use one abrasive, other manufacturers release models that can operate with any type of abrasive you put inside. Le Lematec is a prime example of those who offer sandblasters with several abrasives to operate. 

With that feature, whatever kind of abrasive you have at home, you can use them without any problem. Thus, leading to lessening your expenses yet still managing to complete the job accurately.

Easy to Use

For newbie users, it may seem that complicated if you want to operate a sandblaster. However, a portable one is easy to utilize. Since it is much smaller than the usual sandblasters, it has a container already that holds the abrasives. Plus, through gravity, it helps distribute the sand to the nozzle tip. 

Moreover, you can quickly notice if you need to refill it already. Just turn off the sandblaster and open the cap that closes the opening of the container. Although, this may happen several times if ever you are working on large-scale projects. That's why most preferably, using portable sandblasters is perfect for small-scale projects only.

Blast Away and Smoothen Every Surface with Le Lematec

See the magic happens as quickly as possible with the Le Lematec Sandblasting collection. This company based in Taiwan delivers quality air tools to help accomplish any project on hand. In terms of sandblasters, they currently have four kinds that you can select. Check out their sandblaster collection by accessing their website!

Additionally, their customer service is open 24/7, so if you have some questions about the products, don’t hesitate to message them.