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Reasons Why Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Is a Great Find

Choosing between gravity feed or siphon feed is sometimes confusing and challenging when doing sandblasting activities. While you can still get separate units for your preference, having a sandblaster with the best feature would be definitely impressive. Of course, it wouldn't be cost-efficient and practical to buy both kinds of sandblasters separately. Unless otherwise, you have loads of money to invest in, then why not? Well, most people would surely prefer to go for tools where they can save a lot. These are working pieces of equipment that have incredible features, practical and beneficial. Fortunately, with Le Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit, the battle between gravity feed and siphon feed sandblasters are now over. An ideal tool with the gravity and siphon feed feature in one perfect for any sandblasting job activities. 

Learn more about this incredible sandblaster kit in this article. 

Why Choose Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster?

Le Lematec understands how challenging it may be to choose between gravity feed and siphon feed sandblasters. To help ease your sandblasting activities, Le Lematec launched the Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit. It has the design to deliver gravity feed and siphon-feed. It has a suction cup on top for gravity feed uses and a 10-foot siphon hose and siphon tube for siphon-feed. Unlike conventional sandblasting equipment with a cabinet, Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Gun has a simple design. It makes this sandblaster very handy and convenient to use and perform either gravity feed or siphon feed sandblasting. Moreso, the setup procedure of this sandblaster is fast and easy. Discover more why this Lematec gravity feed portable sandblasting gun with siphon feed, one of the compressed air tools is definitely worth-buying and a must-have with the following features.

It is a gravity feed and siphon feed sandblaster with a switch.

As mentioned earlier, this sandblaster both functions gravity feed and siphon feed sandblasting in one sandblaster gun. If you are looking for one that can help you save up, this sandblaster might be the best for you. Indeed, there's no need to have two separate sandblasters with this two in one purpose sandblaster gun. It has a switch that allows you to change your preference between gravity or siphon feed configurations. 

It supports various abrasives. 

Abrasive blasting applications have many types, and each requires the use of different blasting media. Sandblasting tools that cannot support this kind of application may not be ideal. It is vital to select the right material to use for a quality finishing process. With that, having a sandblaster like this that supports various abrasives is a great tool to have. It can support different media like steel grit, glass beads, walnut shells, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and more. 

It is a durable and heavy-duty sandblaster gun.

Of course, no one would want to buy a sandblaster that will not last longer than expected. A heavy-duty and durable sandblaster gun is another feature that Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit holds. Having an impact-resistant air tool is useful for achieving quality sandblasting results. Built from ABS material, this sandblaster gun is applicable to use in different working environments. 

It has a complete portable sandblaster kit. 

It is undeniable that owning and buying different air tools are sometimes costly. Most especially if you will only base its value on its price and not on its package feature and performance. With the complete and good portable sandblaster kit of Le Lematec, you can ensure you are getting quality air tools worthy of your investment. The inclusion of this portable sandblaster kit is a 10-ft hose and siphon tube that is a perfect partner for complete siphon sandblasting.

It comes with easy switch configurations. 

A sandblaster gun with an easy switch configuration is indeed a great feature. Instead of using two different feed sandblasters, the Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit has switch configurations for gravity and siphon feed sandblasting. Not only saving money, but these Lematec Sandblaster Portable Gun will allow having quick, easy, and quality sandblasting outputs through either gravity or siphon feed way. It also has a shutoff function that will ensure you safely use this sandblaster and switch it off to prevent any unpredictable accidents. 

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Looking for a good portable sandblaster and best-compressed air tools to add to your collection is now handy and convenient. See this Lematec AS118-2 Portable Sandblaster Kit as a perfect tool for improving and achieving excellent results from sandblasting activities. May it is rust from metal components, paint, grease, and grime, or even tough stains, this Lematec Sandblaster Portable Gun is your go-to sandblasting and removing tool. 

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