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Impact Wrench Air ToolWhen you travel a lot, you need to make sure to bring all of the essential car tools. That way, you are prepared for any malfunctions that you may encounter along the way. That includes the replacement of your busted or flat tires. To change your car’s tires, one thing you must have is a wrench. 

Now, it may seem ideal to have a regular wrench to do the job. However, latest advancements make the Impact Wrench that much more ideal and convenient compared to the regular one. Let's understand this tool further.

What is an Impact Wrench Set Tool?

An Impact Wrench Set is a tool used for tightening and loosening screws, lug nuts, and many more.  It is developed to provide ease of use for automotive tasks. Since most of the time, rusty lugs became inevitable, with the high rotational power of this tool, it became easier for users to accomplish such tasks. In short, it has a more significant mechanical advantage than the usual wrench tool. 

Air Tools vs. Electric Tools

There are two types of Impact Wrench that you can choose. Both of them have their edge when based on their usage. However, it would be best to always acquire the tool, depending on where you would use them. These are the air tool type and the electric tool type.

Electrically-powered impact wrenches are mechanical wrenches that are heavy duty and operate through electricity. Usually, these are the wrench with a cord attached that you'll see in the market. Being an electrical type of wrench, it will somehow be that heavy and bulky as there are motors attached inside that are run by electricity. Mostly, large-scale companies use this kind of tool. 

On the other hand, an air type of impact wrench can be utilized through compressed air. It is much lighter compared to an electrical one as there are no bulky motors attached inside. Moreover, it is a cordless type of machine which is very handy and portable.  

Why are Air Impact Wrenches Preferred for Changing Tires?

Given that your goal is finding a suitable tool for travel, the obvious choice would be the air tool. However, how can for newbies in this field be sure that an air-type impact wrench would be the best choice? It would help if you considered the following factors when looking for the best air impact wrench for changing tires.

Durability at its Finest

If you are going to buy a particular item at a store, of course, you don't want anything that doesn't last. Of course, that factor is vital when it comes to buying a mechanical tool. That's why you must check the reviews if they are truly durable. In that way, you can lessen your expenses as you don't need a replacement after a few usages.

Furthermore, being powered by air has its perks, unlike the electricity-powered tools. It is not that complicated to use and won't be that much trouble for all users, as it is very user-friendly.

Safe to Use

When it comes to buying tools, you must also ensure that your device has a high resistance to external factors such as dust, water, and heat. Since it is powered by air pressure, you don't need to worry about the deterioration of your tool from such factors, which electric devices are highly affected by. 

Versatile Tool

Additionally, another thing you must consider when looking for the best air impact wrench for changing tires is its versatility. Since it is powered by air pressure, you can control how much you need to operate the tool. From high-power to low-power, choose which you need when changing your tire. 


Most of all, you need to make sure that the tool you will select and buy is reliable equipment. Since this kind of impact wrench tool is powered by air, you won't need to find a power supply before operating it. Having a cylinder containing compressed air is enough to run this wrench which is ideal for travel.

With its compact and handy design, you can bring and use it anywhere you like; still, it will provide a quality service that can match your needs.

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