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Best Fence Spray Gun

Woodworking tasks are one of the most exciting projects you can encounter. It is quite easy to do, as all you need is the right equipment, and of course, wood. Especially now that we’re going through the pandemic, several people interested in DIY arts and crafts somehow involve themselves with such projects. Challenging themselves and bringing out productivity is their goal, which paved their way into producing wooden crafts. 

If you plan on also dwelling on such projects in the future, you must first consider acquiring the necessary tools to help you accomplish all of them. Some of which are the Spray Gun and sometimes a Spray Gun Holder. However, understanding how to operate the tool is a must to help you produce a quality-wise output. Feel free to check out more info below!

What is a Spray Gun?

Spray gun is a tool used usually for applying coating on a worked surface. Several workers can be seen to operate this tool for automotive tasks but can also work on woodworking projects. It is mainly a device perfect for applying paint, varnish, and others to bring out the beauty on any surfaces like wood and metal.

Before operating a spray gun, you should first identify which would be ideal for the job. There are several types of spray gun, two of them are gravity feed spray gun and siphon-feed spray gun. 

A gravity feed spray gun is a spray gun that can operate through the use of gravity - hence its name. There’s a container at the top that houses paint or varnish and allows gravity to distribute the needed amount. Meanwhile, a Siphon-feed spray gun distributes the material through the use of a siphon hose. It is normally used for large-scale projects  

Now, both of them are quite useful in terms of woodworking tasks. It will only depend on the circumstances and the requirement for the project to decide on which of them you are going to use. Although, if you want a compact and portable type of spray gun, searching for the best gravity feed spray gun for woodworking is your deal.

Identifying the Best Gravity Feed Spray Gun for Woodworking Tasks

Since it is just for DIY projects, you should consider looking for a gravity-feed spray gun or the best HVLP spray gun for an air compressor. During the pandemic, being productive while maintaining the house became quite a trend. That is the perfect opportunity to start with that DIY project and use the compatible tool, gravity-feed spray gun.

However, you must first identify which product you should use.  Le Lematec, a reputable brand, offers a wide range of HVLP Spray Gun Kit to help you accomplish any task on hand. Check out their collection and see which fits your needs. 

Guide on Using Gravity-feed Spray Guns 

After acquiring your selected HVLP or gravity-feed spray Gun, it is only natural to research how to operate them to fully understand their functions. If wood fence renovation is your target project, you must first prepare the needed materials to accomplish the task. Don’t worry, as we got your back. Here’s a little run down of everything you need to prepare for this DIY woodworking project.

Prepare your fence

As mentioned, a spray gun works on both metal and wood. Prepping the wooden fence is vital when it comes to this project. It is a usual practice that every woodworking professional does. Clean the surface and remove the unnecessary marks on your wood to make sure that the application will be smooth like an airbrush. For beginners, you can use sandpaper to do the job. 

Grab all of the needed tools

Now that you are all set, having all the needed tools for the job is essential to have a quality output and maintain the quality performance of your HVLP spray gun. 

Usually, you must have an air filter, air compressor, and a regulator when operating a spray gun. These attachments are vital as it helps to regulate the distribution of the paint and blast them off accurately onto the prepared surface. Without such materials, it can affect the spray gun significantly, as it can be damaged. 

Furthermore, the paint can be clogged and won’t get out freely from the nozzle tip without the precise air pressure. This would result in a chunky outcome instead of a smooth airbrush finish. That’s why acquiring such tools are important to accomplish the task.

Always do a test run

Afterward, practicing how to use the gun is preferably a great choice to make. In that way, you can fully understand its usage and further familiarize yourself with its usage. Moreover, the right setting and airflow should prevent chunky paint and clogged nozzle tips. 

Start painting the fence

Subsequently, you can now start working on your DIY woodworking project. Make sure that you are following the wood marks when you spray the paint or varnish so that they are well-covered. 

Like painting using a paintbrush, start at the top and continue on those parts with drip to maintain a balanced coating. If you notice some spaces after the first coating, it would be best to apply the second layer the next day. 

Clean up

Lastly, with all of those preparations, you must never forget to clean the spray gun properly to maintain its quality and performance in the long run. Take note to empty your paint cup so that excess paint won’t dry out. You can use thinner to loosen the curdle. 

Another step you need to consider is disassembling the other parts and submerging them into the thinner. Nozzle tips can accumulate paint which can lead it to be clogged. This step can help loosen up the clogged material and get rid of that eventually. 

After soaking the parts, wipe them dry to prevent any more damage to the tool. Assemble the spray gun completely and store it until you need to use it again for your next project. 

Obtain your Ideal Gravity Feed Spray Gun

List down all your target woodworking and DIY tasks with the help of the best HVLP spray gun for air compressor and the best gravity feed spray gun for woodworking. With Le Lematec’s collection, you can ensure that only suitable products for your needs will be provided. 

Learn more about Le Lematec and their offered HVLP Spray Gun. You can contact them anytime as their customer service is available 24/7.