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How To Clean A Spray Gun

Whether you just have finished a DIY or another commercial work painting project using an HVLP or gravity spray gun, cleaning is an essential part that always follows. While some may see this part as a fun activity, some may feel it is another daunting task to finish. Whatever it is, accomplishing the cleaning step is necessary. If you are new to this tool, cleaning an HVLP spray gun may leave you to wonder where to start. Seeing an all-covered spray gun with paint may seem already tiring, but there are steps that you can follow on How To Clean A Spray Gun as clean as possible. 

Before that, let us have a better understanding of why maintaining a spray gun is necessary.

Why Maintain a Clean HVLP or Gravity Spray Gun?

It may seem a troublesome process, but cleaning spray guns is necessary to maintain a good painting performance. After painting work, you may end up leaving your spray gun covered with all paint. While you may schedule to clean it for later, leaving it just that is not recommendable. It is best to clean it as always and keep it neat after use. You may also use a spray gun cleaning kit. When you left your spray gun to dry with covered paint, clogging may occur on your following uses. If that happens, the performance of your spray guns on your next use may have issues. It can also lead to unsatisfactory quality paint results. 

Steps on How to Clean Spray Gun

The process of keeping and maintaining the life span of your spray gun is handy by following the right steps to clean it. But before jumping to actual steps, preparation of a spray gun cleaning kit and protective gear should come first. You may also use alternatives that you can find at home like water with soap, paint thinner or cleaning solution, paper towels, plastic cups, and toothpicks. Some cleaning items like a gun wrench and bristle cleaning brush usually comes with your bought spray gun. Of course, always remember to wear protective gear like gloves and goggles for a safe cleaning process. If everything is ready, follow these steps for the successful cleaning of your spray guns. 

#1: Clean the Paint Spray Gun Cup

Start cleaning the paint spray gun cup with a paint thinner or other alternative cleaning liquid. After filling the cup with a cleaning solution, put it back and shake it gently until the fluid inside is slowly loosening. With the use of plastic cups, you may try pulling the trigger and spray the paint thinner into it. While doing it, the paint thinner will work its extensive cleaning process inside the paint spray gun. To ensure you are cleaning the cup well, rubbing a paper towel with paint thinner through your hands may help. But ensure you are using the proper gloves while doing this to protect your skin.  

#2: Disassemble the Gun Body

After cleaning the paint cup, disassembling the gun body parts follow. On this step, unscrewing the needle should be done carefully. You will need to use the gun wrench to help you unscrew the central part of the air cap and keep it with other parts of the spray gun. 

#3: Sink the Parts in a Cleaning Solution

Cleaning those smaller parts comes next. You may use a paint thinner or other alternative cleaning liquid and deep clean the residue on those parts. Take note that these parts shouldn't get damaged, and so ensuring a gentle cleaning is necessary. You may put and sink the main gun body and outer and inner air cap in paint thinner to clean all the paint debris it holds. Avoid sinking of parts that can easily bend in paint thinner like needles. 

#4: Remove the Parts From Soak and Wipe Them Thoroughly

After a few minutes, remove all those parts from the paint thinner and check if the paint residue is clean thoroughly. You might need to use a bristle cleaning brush or alternatives like toothpicks and remove extra paint residue that remains on different parts. 

#5: Reassemble the Spray Gun Parts

Once all parts are clean, you may now reassemble the unscrewed parts of your spray gun. Make sure everything is back in place to secure your spray gun will still perform and function well. 

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