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Compressed Air Hose Connector

Imagine yourself in the middle of air tool operation, and then suddenly your air hose stops functioning. What will you do? Will you rush to the nearest air tool repair shop immediately, or will you look for a new air hose to replace the damaged ones? If you're finishing a very important task, you'll probably do any of the mentioned scenarios. But in most cases, you need to carefully check and examine why your Compressed Air Hose Connector is damaged so you will know the next step to take. 

Why Immediate Action is Needed

Every problem has a corresponding solution.; so when a failure occurs on your air hose, make sure to take action immediately to avoid more problems and inconvenience. A damaged pneumatic hose will affect the quality and even the condition of the compressed air tool you are using in the long run. This includes improper component selection, poor installation process, incorrect assembly procedure, or anything in between. Each failure provides obvious signs that will help you trace the possible cause of the problem.

Different Types of Air Hose Failures and Solutions 

Without the proper knowledge and even the right tools, it's hard to deal with unexpected failures of your regularly used tools for work. Although there are available tool repair shops out there, being equipped with knowledge and experience is important, especially during emergencies. Take note that if you can quickly recognize a problem, it can be easier for you to prevent the same problem in the future.

The following are some of the most common hose failures you might encounter in the future:

Problem #1. The fitting has been detached from the hose.

The common cause of this problem is when the hose is inserted improperly into the air line hose connector fitting while being used. All the grips in the shell are important to provide the needed strength in holding the fitting into the hose. To avoid this problem from happening, you can regularly replace the hose assembly. Make sure to also put a mark on the new air hose per the suggested value stated in the catalog before inserting it into the fitting. After that, you can push the hose until you reach the end of the shell lines.

Problem #2. The hose is too hard to bend and fragile

When you notice that your hose becomes suddenly brittle and it cracks when you bend it, there must be a problem. You may also notice that the cover looks dry and burned. This commonly happens when the air hose is exposed to so much heat. The scorching heat might damage the plasticizers that provide great flexibility to the HVLP air hose connectors. Hence, make sure to analyze the correct temperature of the fluid or air used during the application. But if you think that external heat around the workplace is the culprit, you can install heat shields or replace the hose assembly if needed. 

Problem #3. There's a leak on the hose.

Usually, leakage occurs between the hose and the shell of the fitting. The common cause of this hose failure is when the shell of the fitting was improperly crimped during the assembly. To solve this, you need to replace the hose assembly immediately. You should review the instructions on how to use the crimping machine. And, of course, you need to know the basics of air hose utilization.

Problem #4: The hose exploded. 

It is one of the most common types of air hose failure. This is caused by high air pressure or continuously flexing the hose in the same area. The length of its service can be one obvious reason. Unfortunately, the sudden burst of the hose might lead to mild to serious damage to the operator. Hence, you should always know when to replace the assembly to avoid such a problem.

Problem #5. There is damage to the hose cover.

The damage is a result of the hose explosion in the twisted area. The more you twist the hose during the fitting assembly, the more it can lead to external damage on the hose cover. You need to replace the hose assembly and redirect it to avoid hose failure. If you think it won't work, you can decide to purchase a new air compressor air hose connector couplers for your next air tool project.

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