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Sandblasting Media

Sandblasting, or often called abrasive blasting, is a very effective way to clean and prepare different surfaces. Over the years, more and more skilled workers such as craftsmen, auto mechanics, painters, machinists etc. use this amazing procedure to accomplish their projects quickly while still ensuring the overall quality of the results. While the method is termed "sandblasting," the type of media used is not only limited to sand. Usually, it all depends on the type of surface that you need to work on. Different surfaces require the use of different forms of treatment. Just because everyone uses a type of abrasive material does not mean that it would suit your job requirements.  The thing is, there are several types of standard abrasives that you may consider for your next sandblasting operation, which includes  copper slag, metal grits, coconut shell, dry ice, and more. But still, it is best if you could carefully determine and ask for the help from  experts in the field about what type of Sandblasting Media suits your needs and requirements.

Where Can You Use Sandblasting?

Once you have already chosen the best type of sandblasting media for your application, the next thing that you need to  learn are the different types of projects or tasks where you can effectively utilize a sandblaster tool. For instance, if you need to strip off paint from a particular surface like a garden wall or a car body, you should consider sandblasting. As you may know, removing paint and corrosion marks is very time-consuming and requires a lot of effort if you just rely on conventional cleaning products and methods. Unlike other stripping tools, sandblasters are very reliable when it comes to eliminating hard to get paint and rust on your surface. Also, sandblasters can be used to clean different common metal tools. Hence, you can avoid sudden malfunction of your nailers, and you can also get rid of those rusty and dirty contaminants present on your screwdrivers and wrenches. 

Another important use of sandblasting is when you have to smoothen and polish a surface to look brand new. It efficiently removes frustrating burrs and excess materials, giving your surface a flawless look. For  those who love art or running a business with craft products, sandblasters are also your best companion. Creating impressive art and designs can no longer be difficult, as sandblasting can be used to carve unique and aesthetic patterns on woods, glasses, metals, and other materials. With all these aforementioned  uses, there's no reason why turning to sandblasting techniques isn't included in your working options. With that in mind, you need to make sure that you choose the best sandblasting product provider that can give you quality and dependable investment.

Find out the Common Sandblasting Media Types

Whatever type of application you need to work on for your future projects, getting the best sandblaster tool and sandblasting media is very crucial. There'll be instances where you might ask yourself questions like, “can you use soda in an amazon portable sandblaster?” or “what brand should you consider to ensure quality?” And that’s completely  normal. So if you need to do some abrasive blasting, but you don't have any idea on what type of blasting media you should use, this guide will help you to come up with the best decision.

Glass Bead 

This type of sandblasting media is considered to be the most popular and versatile of all types. It provides an amazing result and can be used in different types of applications such as rust, dirt, and corrosion removals. They are made with lead-free soda lime in rounded ball shapes that makes the sandblasting process give a matte look finish.


The use of sand is a traditional method of blasting, as this type of media coined the modern term for abrasive blasting, hence the term  "sandblasting." Sand materials include silica that produces dust when the sand gradually erodes during the process. But this type of sandblasting brings significant health risks to  the operators and other workers. Thus, OSHA has set limits regarding its usage. 

Aluminum Oxide

When it comes to superior strength and faster results, the use of aluminum oxide for blasting is recommended. Unlike other blasting media types, It comes with an angular, but lightweight shape that allows deeper and more effective etching benefits without the need to add more pressure on the surface, especially on thinner ones.

Plastic Abrasives

This type of sandblasting media is perfect for surface-level removal and applications. It efficiently removes unwanted contaminants and materials without the need to go underneath the substrate. According to experts, this is the most preferred type of blasting media of many industries because it can provide outstanding cleaning without the need to worry about reducing the value of the surface itself. 

Learn the Best Type of Abrasive Blasting Media for Your Next Project!

There is no denying it. Most projects across the industries need the right tool and equipment like an air sandblaster portable enough to achieve their goals and needs. But it doesn't really end with  choosing the best type of tool to invest in. You also need to weigh the pros and cons of each blasting media to determine which one will best suit your application. Lucky enough, there are several sandblaster providers out there like Le Lematec Tools that can provide you great solutions to your working needs. Whether you need to finish, add texture, remove paint and dirt or prepare a surface for your next project, we are the best team that you can always count on. Visit us today!