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Air Compressor Tool Maintenance

When your air compressor has no proper maintenance, downtime, air leaks, and other more severe damages may occur. While other workers are aware of this thing, air compressor maintenance mistakes still happen.   

Whether these are your current practice or not, having a clear understanding and quick review of maintenance practices is relevant. Learn why and the recommended preventive maintenance and way to apply when working with your air tools and air compressor system. 

Why Practice Air Tool Preventive Maintenance

To catch and prevent any air tool problems that may cause inefficiency and damages to your working process, practicing air tool preventive maintenance is necessary. Users sometimes neglect this and leave their equipment unattended after use. Note that while you may have it checked-up with air tool repair shops, it is best to take care of the air tools yourself. 

As the operator of your air tools and air compressor, the responsibility to maintain its function, cleanliness, and performance is yours. Whether it is a few rusts, dust or minor grimes, all of these can bring massive to severe damage to your air tools. You may probably feel no worries at this time, but when the damage becomes severe, you are left  with no choice but to replace your air tools. This is both expensive and troublesome. Good thing, air tools don't require complicated maintenance, unlike other equipment. Hence, there is no reason to miss or overlook the proper care to practice with your pieces of equipment. 

Recommended Preventive Air Compressor Tool Maintenance

Whether you are new or professional in using air compressors, every worker needs to set routines and practices to maintain the quality and performance of their equipment. While some think this is very common, some forget to check their air compressors and end up dealing with inefficient performance. If you feel this task is troublesome, maybe you only need to list your maintenance routines, set a timeframe, and apply as best and regular as possible. 

Don't have an idea where to start? We have listed here a few recommended preventive air compressor tool maintenance you can follow. It includes cleaning the air filter, use of lubricant, and checking the oil filter. These three can contribute to provide an  efficient, smooth, and reliable air compressor performance with regular practice. Find out more about how this recommended maintenance helps your air compressor to function well. 

Clean the Air Filter

When working with an air compressor, a clean and pure air supply is crucial. However, with many particles flying around that may contribute to contamination of your production. This is when having a reliable air filter would be necessary. It ensures that contaminants will not enter the air tool that may affect the quality of air and output. Hence, you will need to keep and maintain a clean air filter. Continuous use of an air filter would leave it dirty with impurities and other collected particles. This would hinder its performance and would defeat its main purpose, which is to save your production from contaminants. That said, make sure to regularly check and clean your air filter. 

Use of Lubricant

Lubricant is a crucial element that contributes to the performance of air compressors. It ensures that there is smooth and non-corrosive movement between the metal parts. The absence of a lubricant  may cause tension to metal materials that can lead to corrosion. When this happens, rust will spread and eat up the metal parts and joints and then slowly damage your air compressor. However, note that even though the lubricant is present, it still requires regular checking and replacements if necessary. 

Check the Oil Filter

Another thing to look out for when working with an air compressor is oil. As oil can affect the quality of compressed air, it is necessary to prevent this from damaging your system with the correct oil filter. Some of the air tools commonly affected by oil are spray painting tools and air cleaning tools. To maintain your oil filter is in good condition, practice checking it weekly and replace it with intervals around 4,000 to 8,000 hours of use. If your oil filter has already filled with oil residue before the gaps, make sure to replace it with new ones. 

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