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Compressed air has become a highly in-demand medium to power tools and equipment mainly used in automotive, industrial, commercial and other industries that uses compressed air as the main source of machines and tools to carry out their work. Compressed air must be clean and free from any moisture and impurities for precise and safe work procedures. There are various ways and accessories to treat compressed air. However, there are not that many options to remove the water, oil, and dirt from the air other than air filters.

Air filters are designed and developed to trap most moisture, oil, and dirt from the flowing compressed air system. As a filter element, compressed air filters are commonly placed right before the air tool to secure the air output that needs to be clean and pure dry air. Without compressed inline air filters, the result will be a big mess. Dirt and filth from compressed air can clog the airline and air tools, resulting in uneven air distribution which can affect the work.

The value of compressed air filters can be overlooked because of their small size. But it is always true that big things come in small packages and this is true with airline filters. The absence of air filters is always a picture of catastrophe. Spray paints can blow the paint in an uneven application and bursts of paint can cause patches of paint on the surface. Without compressed air filters, air tools can result in advanced wear and tear of air tools. This leads to higher expenses due to early replacements and repairs of the airline, air accessories, and air tools. Installations of compressed air filters are very important to ensure quality work, tool protection, and cost-efficiency. Including this air accessory in every compressed air, the system will do wonders for efficient use.