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Paint Spray Gun

A painting or finishing job is one of the most frequent tasks every homeowner, DIYer, and professional encounters. If you have tried painting your home, finishing wood furniture, automobile, or other stuff, I know you would agree that painting is not that easy and cheap. 

Painting poses challenges-from preparation and buying of materials to the tremendous time and effort you need to invest to complete the job. Aside from the time and resources you would need to complete a paint job, another challenge that may arise especially for those doing it the first time is achieving the best results. There are times when your painting or finishing job does not turn out the way you had envisioned it to be and you’ll end up spending more money trying to save and fixed the job just to get the result that you want. 

So, if you want to save yourself and your wallet from the hassle and unnecessary cost a painting task can bring, you should consider switching from regular paint brushes or paint rollers to a Pneumatic Spray Gun

What is a Pneumatic Spray Gun?

A pneumatic spray gun, also known as a compressed air gun or paint sprayer, is a portable tool that uses air pressure to atomize, or simply break the paint into tiny particles to apply it directly on any type of surface. Compared to using a paintbrush or roller, a spray gun can help you achieve an even and high-quality paint finish you’re aiming for faster and easier, making it one of the most essential pneumatic tools for the manufacturing industry, homeowners, DIYers, and repainting services.

Why should you invest in a Pneumatic Spray Gun? 

Achieving the best results in your painting, staining or finishing job always boils down to choosing the right tools to use. Depending on the surface or substrate you’re painting, a conventional paintbrush or a paint roller is not always the best tool to use. Aside from being exhausting and time-consuming, the result being yield is often undesirable, especially if you’re not a professional painter. So if you want to achieve an even paint finish on your piece of work without the visible brush marks, use an HVLP Pneumatic Spray Gun instead and notice the following differences: 

1. Finish any painting task easier and faster. 

Using a spray gun to paint is much faster than the conventional paintbrushes and rollers because of the atomization of paint or stain. The small particles of paint dry faster so you no longer need to wait for hours to re-coat the surface. The pneumatic spray gun also offers efficient paint application with full concentration and larger coverage on the intended paint area so you can finish your painting job faster without exerting too much effort. Aside from this, you can also paint tricky areas such as tight spaces and corners, which is difficult or impossible to do using a conventional paintbrush or roller.  

2. Compatibility and versatility of a Pneumatic Spray Gun.

One more thing that sets a pneumatic air gun apart from conventional paintbrushes is its compatibility in all sorts of painting mediums such as lacquers, thinned or water-based paints. Whatever variety of coating you’re bound to use, achieve your desired finish with ease with the help of a pneumatic spray gun.

3. Achieve the best results on any painting job you’ll be working on.

With Pneumatic Spray Gun, you no longer need to worry about paintbrush or roller marks, air bubbles, or any surface imperfections that make the finishing undesirable! Needless to say, the major reason that makes it worth it to buy is it helps you achieve a more even and high-quality coating, even if the surface is uneven and textured than you could with a conventional paintbrush or roller. 

A guide to choosing the Best Pneumatic Spray Gun

There are many spray guns available in the market from different brands, and it is quite hard to determine which one to get for your paint projects. In all your paint spray activities, the paint spray gun needs to be of the highest quality as it can damage your project with overspray or uneven spray. 

Needless to say, when choosing tools worthy of buying, you should look for a brand that delivers not only high-quality products but products that are designed to solve a problem and make your job easier just like Le Lematec. 

The LE-HVLP Spray Gun from Lematec is a “High-Voltage, Low Pressure” type of paint spray gun that offers efficient paint application with full concentration on the intended paint area. This spray gun has low pressure which does not blow paint all over the place while reducing the mess and harm to the environment. It is also a Gravity Feed spray gun that comes with a 20.2 ounce paint cup to hold enough paint. You can use any kind of paint like base coats and primers.