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Auto Paint Spray Gun

When doing any automotive paint projects, having a better understanding of your tool and techniques is helpful. With this in mind, you can achieve the result you aim for with your Auto Spray Gun. Learn more about auto spray gun and tips you can use as your guide for your automotive ventures. 

What is an Auto Spray Gun?

An auto spray gun is a paint spraying tool used for applying automotive paint quickly and evenly to cover a vehicle. These are HVLP guns or High Volume Low Pressure that offers ease of use and delivers excellent coverage with a variable spray. A good thing about this auto spray gun is you can swiftly cover the whole body of the car or just a single part without bother. 

While car expert painters always utilize auto spray guns, you can also use these for DIY projects. These auto spray guns are ideal for enjoying and advancing up painting coverage. 

Auto Spray Gun Tips to a Successful Automotive Painting

Every painter aims to achieve a successful and satisfying end product for every job. To do that, having the right and correct spraying tool and techniques is a must. Whether you are new or pro to this activity, the same procedures will apply. But how do you know you are doing the right method? Some may have questions in your mind that stops them from starting. You might be asking yourself whether you need a new auto spray gun or the old one will work. While the new auto spray gun is a great tool, this does not mean you can achieve the same desired result. What you actually need is the right tool that matches your working need. To help you start with your automotive painting, here are some tips you can refer to:

Understand the spray guns you need for your auto spraying project. 

First and foremost, you need to understand what spray guns do you need for your automotive painting. As there are many spray guns you can find in the market today, it might be challenging to choose the tool you need. The key to this task is to assess the material you will be spraying. There are spray guns that ideal for clearcoats, primers, or other heavy materials. Some users allot different spray guns to achieve perfect painting coverage, while some still nail the same output even with one tool. For more reliable results, you can use the best spray gun for cars with easy to clean the nozzle.

Identify what nozzle setups are fit for your project. 

Next, you will need to choose the nozzle setups that can help you achieve the best results as much as possible. There are technical datasheets from the manufacturers of paint you will be using for a particular material. As they are skilled in their industry, they have tested the nozzle setups perfectly to achieve the best for the material. 

There are general nozzle setups that you can grasp when doing your project. When spraying for heavy-bodied primers or surfaces, you can use the nozzle size of 1.7 to 2.2. You can use the 1.4 to 1.6 nozzle for the basecoats while the 1.3 to 1.7 nozzle for the clearcoats. These are just some of the general setups some painters follow. But some other painters explore their own nozzle setups to achieve their aspired output. 

Check for any air errors. 

Having the right spray gun and accurate nozzle setups are indeed helpful to performing an outstanding job. But whether your tools are new or old, there might still be problems you may encounter. One of which is air errors. Of course, the right tools and accurate air needs to go hand in hand. It is to secure the output of your project. If this happens, you might have not enough air that supplies your spray gun. You might need to check the CFM of your air consumption or air hose fittings at this point to ensure you are getting enough air for your auto spray gun. 

Maintain your auto spray gun is clean for the next use. 

Well, this is the part where not all are fond of - the cleaning process. Even though this may be daunting, it is still necessary to clean your auto spray gun or even a small paint spray gun. It is to ensure your spray guns will still work at their best for the next use. While there are spray guns that come with a cleaning kit, you can also clean your spray guns with other cleaning alternatives. Just make sure not to damage the air cap, nozzles, and other parts while cleaning to secure its functions. 

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