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Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

Using an air tool such as a tire inflator at a gas station seems easy to handle. Just loosen up the cap and hook the pump and successfully fill up each tire. However, it’s easier said than done - especially if you are out in the middle of the mountains and no nearby gas station in sight. That’s where using a portable, yet heavy duty tire inflator comes in.

An inflator tire gauge consists of the gauge and the hose itself. You may be wondering how such a compact tire gauge and digital inflator works. Like the machines that you find at gas stations, it is also powered by compressed air; that’s why you need to attach an air compressor for this tool to work. To further understand its usage, let’s dwell on it deeper.

What is a Tire Inflator?

A tire inflator is an air tool and a type of air compressor most commonly used to inflate tires, hence the name. It is usually attached with a gauge to check whether or not you’ve reached the right PSE per tire. Do take note that a tire must only receive up to 30-35 PSI.

Even though it seems complicated due to some requirements needed when using it, it is a user-friendly type of tool. Since there is a portable tire inflator, it would be much easier for you to operate, especially when traveling. This particular air tool ensures a suave experience, making sure to do the job accurately and perfectly.

What to do when inflating a tire

As mentioned, a tire inflator is not that complicated to handle due to its compact and portable feature. You can bring and use it anywhere, as long as you have the right tools attached to function well. Now, there are procedures that you must follow when you plan on using this tool to supply the proper air pressure to your tires. An example is reading the manual that the tire pressure gauge comes with or acquiring additional tools needed for automotive tasks.

To further understand what we were saying, check out the tips we’ve rundown for you!

Check the Current Air Pressure of Each Tire

First on the list is checking the amount of air per tire you have initially. It is crucial to do this step first, as it will mark which tire needs the most air. To know the current amount, use a tire pressure gauge. 

Moreover, it would be best if you understood that, like a living tool, tires must also be in pristine condition to accept more air. By double-checking the state of your tires, you can know if that tire is deflating fast or not. If you notice that fully inflated air reduces faster, you might need to replace it as there might be a leak.

Prep the Tire for Pumping by Unlocking the Cap

The first thing you need to do is unlock the cap and put it where you can easily reach them. Car tire caps are known to be a small material, so the tendency to lose them is high. Whenever that happens, you’ll be in big trouble as the air pressure you supplied can deflate easier and faster.

Use the Air Inflator With the Air Compressor Attachment

Afterwards, you can now fill up the tire by using the inflator tire gauge. Do note that 30 PSI can be accomplished approximately within 5 minutes, but that still depends on how low the current PSI is. That’s why you need to be patient and wait for the gauge to tell you if you’ve reached that particular amount already.

Grab the tire inflator and ensure that all of the necessary attachments are intact and secured before turning the tool on. Since it is the portable alternative, you need to attach the air supply you’re going to use for the inflator to work. Then, start pumping each tire and wait until you’ve reached the recommended amount.

Replace the Stem Cap After Filling Up the Tire

Lastly, replace the stem cap after you have filled out the tire. This step is essential to prevent the valve from releasing any air. It is also a wise choice as the stem cap may cause you to lose more air than usual. To be safe and prevent losing air fast, it would be best to do this last step.

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