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Compressed Air Blowguns

When cleaning dirt from any surfaces, a helpful and reliable Compressed Air Blowguns is ideal. Not only it helps you clean all the particles you like to blow off, but it can also save you time from doing it manually. This blowgun for compressed air indeed offers performance that can lead you to more desirable working results. 

However, not all worker that uses blowgun compressed air is handling it the right and proper way. Unfortunately, some workers are unaware of and misusing this equipment while at work. It is indeed frustrating to see some people ignoring these risks. These are risks that can have an impact on their occupational safety. Whether a new user or not, it is necessary to understand the risks when using compressed air blowguns. To make it clear, learn more about compressed air blowguns and the hazards of using one in your daily work. 

What is Compressed Air Blowguns?

Compressed Air Blowguns are air blowgun devices that require compressed air to removes dirt with non-contact blowing or drying. They are efficient and the best tools for cleaning, removes waste, blowing, or drying debris from a surface. As attached to the airline, its nozzles pass a steady flow of compressed air. Compressed air blowguns are often in laboratories, manufacturing, or industrial fields. There are also portable kits of air blowguns that applicable for DIY and home activities. 

The Hazards of Using a Compressed Air Blowguns

Like any other air tool equipment, compressed air blowguns also has hazards. The workers or any other users must be aware of these hazards as it needs consideration to prevent air blowgun injury. While it is still difficult for some to understand how air can be dangerous, it is a crucial thing that needs extra attention. Well, blowgun compressed air consists of regular air. But once it turned to compressed air, this air is no longer natural. With its high pressure and improper handling, potential risks can arise. These risks may be damaging to hearing and eyes. To understand more, here are hazards most people are unaware of when using compressed air blowguns. 

Hazard 1: Pulmonary Embolism

When compressed air invades the bloodstream, air or pulmonary embolism may transpire. It is a scenario when persons using compressed air blowguns are blowing it on themselves or other people. Some industries use compressed air blowguns for cleaning purposes and even for their clothes. These are restricted and not advisable as it can cause serious air blowgun injury when the compressed air gets beneath the skin and hence enters into the bloodstream. 

Hazard 2: Damage To Hearing

Hearing is also another risk that may be affected by a blowgun for compressed air. This tool may result in high noise while underuse and may be harmful to both the user and other people nearby the workplace area. May it is short or continuous blowing with compressed air blowguns, damage may occur. With the high noise made by blasts of compressed air blowguns, the possible risk for the people around is occupational hearing loss or difficult communication. 

Hazard 3: Skin Irritation

As you use the compressed air blowguns, particles threw into that may enter and irritate your skin. It is why it is necessary to follow the safety regulations fit for your industry. These risks may threaten your work, other workers, and overall health if not taken seriously. 

Hazard 4: Eye Injuries

Other dangers that may cause by using compressed air blowguns with no proper safety precautions are eye injuries. With the function to clean dirt from a particular area where the user intended to use it, particles may throwback into the user or the eye. While some may see this as harmless, this risk may incur a negative effect on the eyes. The eyes have always been sensitive that need extra care, especially at work. Be reminded that even the smallest particles can cause tremendous damage. It may point to vision impairment or, in worst-case scenarios, blindness.

Your Partner to a Safe Air Tools, Le Lematec!

Safety should always top the priorities of every working field. While the quality and quantity of work also matter, everyone's safety is way more important. With the knowledge of these hazards, getting the right safety clothing and protection is secure. While dangers are not predictable, it is still avoidable with the necessary preventive measures. It is best to ensure safe air tools to help you accomplish your work while safe from hazardous situations. 

As our always reminder to our valuable customers, always wear protective gear and equipment while using different air tools to prevent any mishaps. Now, have you already found the safe air tools fit for your working needs? If not, then the Le Lematec tools might be for you! Here at Le Lematec, we strive to give our customers the top-performing air tools and deliver quality outputs with safe uses for your working environments.