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Air Compressor and Tools

An Air compressor and Tools work incredibly, especially if you have the best and high quality. However, there are some instances where the air compressor experiences failure or insufficient pressure during operation.  A deeper understanding of the causes and learning how to resolve air compressor and air tools issues are necessary. Find a solution to  these problems by reading more from the discussion down below!

What Causes Air Compressors to Fail?

If you are looking for a piece of reliable equipment to ease heavy workloads at home or work, an air compressor is a great choice. The power of air compressors to use with air tools accomplishes different work in less time. Many workers have already started using air tools with air compressors instead of manual alternatives to finish work.

However, even the best air compressor may fail if not taken care of properly. In some cases, an air compressor and air tools may not work efficiently due to a lack of maintenance. Rust may have already built up in the system and air tools, causing inefficiency of work. Operators may also have missed storing their devices at the right place, leaving them open for dust and grimes to settle. When left as it is, these contaminants will slowly eat up your system leading to a significant failure in no time. Hence, every operator needs to check on their system and air tools from time to time. Some factors that affect may not always be uncontrollable but are avoidable with proper care and maintenance programs. 

Troubleshooting Guide to Ensure Efficient Use of Air Compressor and Tools

As we all know, pressure plays a significant role when using air compressors and tools. This is why every worker needs to pay attention to the system's efficiency and if pressure is sufficient for every application. When the compressor system fails to provide enough air pressure, it can adversely affect your work application, or worse, may fail too. 

To maximize the efficiency of your system and air tools, learning how to keep them from potential failures or damages and how to troubleshoot when the need arises is necessary. Learn some tips to help you manage air compressors and air tools below. 

Run a pump test.

Conducting a pump test helps check and assess the time of buildup pressure your compressor takes. To proceed with a pump test:

  1. Ensure to empty your air tank first.
  2. From there, close the service valve at discharge and check into the amount of time your air compressor takes as it achieves the recommended PSI.
  3. Ensure the recommended PSI for your system to secure the right amount needed when you start your working process.

Always keep air filters clean. 

One of the negative factors that may cause inefficiency of the compressor system and air tools are contaminants. If you are already using one, make sure to always keep your air filters clean. Debris and buildup can damage your compressor system and air tools; hence, filters should always be checked and pure from it. If you aim to extend the lifespan of your system, make sure to conduct regular maintenance and replace your filters as necessary and use one that fits your work requirement and application for the best result. 

Check all air compressor valves before operation. 

If you notice your air compressor is not building up enough and sufficient pressure, you may need to check your air compressor valves. It is why pre-operation checks are very crucial, as it helps you identify problems beforehand and take actions as required. To do this, ensure that  the inlet valve is in good condition where it opens entirely while the seal for the drain valve is tight. 

Check the air or oil separator. 

If you already have an air or oil separator used in your operations, it is also advantageous to examine them regularly. Make sure to check the differential pressure across these accessories and see if there are damages that can hinder the separation of air and oil on your compressor system. Should there be damages, your compressor system may encounter difficulty reaching the cut-off pressure level and increasing operating costs. To avoid this, replace your air or oil separator as necessary. 

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