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Compressor Regulator

A good quality compressed air system is essential to every business that requires the use of pneumatic tools. It offers many advantages, including great convenience, productivity, and energy efficiency. A reliable compressed air system also provides versatility that can complete basic to complex tasks much faster compared to conventional power tools. However, utilizing a damaged Compressor Regulator And Filter often leads to serious problems and poor air quality results. Hence, it's important to know the common reasons for compressed air system failures. These will help you take extra care of your tools and help you prevent problems in the future.

The Negative Effects of Poor Air Quality

While it may seem to be a common concern for some, poor air quality is responsible for several compressed air system issues. All these results in poor performance, lowered energy efficiency, and equipment failure that may significantly affect your overall productivity. For instance, the moisture present in the compressed air system can possibly damage the piping system. The rust formation caused by moisture can destroy the internal parts of your system. Hence, considering a high-quality air filter is necessary. 

Additionally, the particulates and lubricant contamination can increase the corrosion on your compressed air system. Too much particulate means you need more lubricants that, of course, lead to more lubricant contamination over time. This might affect the efficiency of your air tools and accessories. It's worth noting that air quality problems affect all compressor systems, regardless of the brand and price of the compressor you choose. 

Reasons Why Choosing the Right Air Compressor Regulator And Filter is Essential

The cost of poor air quality is not a joke. It can cause significant energy costs and equipment downtime, which can decrease worker efficiency and productivity. Aside from increasing maintenance costs, poor air quality can also reduce the life of your air compressor system. Therefore, choosing the right air compressor accessories is crucial in preventing poor air quality.

The following are some of the reasons why you need to invest in quality air compressor regulator and filter:

Prevent Pressure Loss

Air pressure loss is one of the most common issues encountered by many air compressor operators. This greatly affects the system's ability to perform at optimum power. In most cases, air pressure is lost between compressed air-powered equipment and the distribution header pipe.  Hence, choosing the right size of filters, connectors, regulators, and hoses is crucial in preventing pressure loss. You also need to regularly clean and maintain them to prevent particle accumulation. 

Prevent Leaks

Although small leaks are common in compressed air systems, they can lead to frustrating problems, including energy loss. Make sure to determine the leak's location as early as possible to minimize the risk of danger and damage to your system. You can try to listen for air escape, use a leak detection fluid, or use an ultrasonic leak detector. Knowing where common leaks occur could help you easily identify the possible location in your compressed air system. Commonly, leaks occur in the air accessories such as regulators, filters, valves, condensation traps, and more. 

Prevent Over-Pressurization

The right choice of regulator and filter can reduce the amount of pressure in a compressed air system. This greatly increases efficiency and reduces operating costs. Although industrial businesses require higher air pressure levels in accomplishing tough jobs, it is still recommended to regulate air pressure levels to avoid damage. Extreme pressurization may result in sudden failure due to unidentified leaks in the compressor system, a storage shortage, or poor pressure control. 

Prevent Overheating

Purchasing air regulators and filters from untrusted brands and manufacturers may also result in frequent system overheat. There are various reasons why overheating occurs. So rather than cooling an overheated air compressor, it's better to know how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Make sure to choose the right size of pipes and other accessories from your trusted air tool store. Aside from that, ensure that all of them are regularly cleaned and provide adequate ventilation in the storage room.

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