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Air Tool Hose

Air tools play a very important role in today's work, and most of them are handy and convenient to use. That is why many DIYers and industrial workers are using these machines in a wide range of applications. But before you actually take advantage of the air tool benefits, you need to also find the best air tool accessories like an Air Tool Hose. Hoses are used to supply power to the air tools from air compressor units. Several air tool providers today can help you purchase high-quality products you need for your business. However, time will come where you would need to replace them due to certain reasons. Keep on reading to know some important steps in replacing your old or damaged air tool hoses.

When to Replace Your Existing Air Hose

Choosing the best air hose for your air compressor system can feel challenging. With the variety of options designed to accomplish different tasks, air tool hoses are one of the most common accessories you'll find in the industry today. Several reasons would require you to upgrade your existing air tool hose. Suppose you're planning to use different equipment and do not have a compatible hose at the moment. In that case, it allows you to get more out of your compressor and help you achieve safer and more efficient pneumatic operations. On the other hand, if there's a defect in your current hose, replacing your hose should be a top priority.

Common air hose defects and issues that will need hose replacement include a cut or puncture in the tubing, damaged air compressor fittings accessories, an air leak, wear caused by high or low temperature and exceeding high pressure. Even if your hose doesn't have obvious defects, you will still need to replace it over time. Commonly, industrial air hoses can last five to ten years of service, depending on how frequently you use them. Air hose longevity relies on several factors such as product quality, material, frequency of use, and maintenance. No matter the quality of your air hose, it can always show some issues that you need to replace immediately with a new one. Different parts of the air tool hose can break, burst, or leak during an application. And most of the time, repairs will only cost you more time and money. Regardless of the reason for your air hose replacement, make sure to do it right by knowing the proper steps.

3 Important Steps in Replacing Air Tool Hose

Air compressor hose accessories replacements may be due to damage or simply because you need a longer or shorter hose for a specific job. Although there are user manuals usually included after you purchased your air tools, knowing the basics of hose replacement is still important. 

Find the Right Product and Store

Before anything else, it's best if you could research for potential brand and material you need for your new air tool hose. You should look for an air hose that is compatible with your air compressor and air tools. Hence, you need to take note of your air compressor's brand name and model number. You would need to also find a trusted store. This way, you'll know you're getting quality and durable products. 

Prepare the Equipment

There are potential safety risks that you should avoid before the attaching process. First, you need to turn the power source of the air compressor off. If the current hose is still connected to the tool, make sure to take out the suspended air inside the compressor and carefully release the pressure in the hose. You may also check the gauge to ensure that there's no air left in the tool and hose. Then after that, it's time to unscrew the fittings and remove the air tool hose from the compressor.

Attach the New Hose

After removing the old air hose, you can now attach the new air hose multi-connector to the air compressor. There are instances where your old fittings are still working. So if you think they are still in good condition, you can use them for your new air hose. You can rely on the manual for instructions, or if you can still recall how you did it back then, then better. 

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