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Portable Air Compressor Filter

Investing in the right air compressor filter for portable compressor is one of the best things you can do for your air tools and air compressors. They not only protect your equipment from vapor, water, dirt, other particles, and corroding agents, but they also filter the air you breathe, keep your paint jobs free from harmful contaminants, and maintain power output supply out of your most important air tools. Aside from that, considering Portable Air Compressor Filter for your types of application can provide lighter work procedures since it is too handy to operate, and you can bring them wherever you want. With proper usage and regular replacement of air filters, you can effectively reduce your maintenance costs along with proper care that can also lead to workplace safety improvement. So get the chance to experience air quality and clean tools by finding the best air compressors with filter.

The Different Types of Portable Air Compressor Filters

All air filters come with the same function. What varies is the kind of material used, construction, position, and filter application. For instance, the standard piston typically works on pushing out a lot of water and oil, and it will require specific types of air filters and maintenance. Depending on the type of air compressor you are intended to use, its specifications, and applications, there are different types of filters that you might need. First is the high-particulate filter, which is designed to filter the solid particles, including dust, pollen grains, metallic bits that can extremely damage the internal parts of your compressors. Next is the vapor filter, also known as a charcoal filter that effectively removes gaseous lubricants, vapors, and other contaminants present in the air. It comes with an absorption feature with activated carbon to greatly capture invisible contaminants. The last type is called a coalescing filter that draws out liquid contaminants such as water that is mostly found in the air. Regardless of your air compressor filter needs, you still need to go for the ones with the highest quality possible. 

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Air Compressor Filter

After learning the different types of filters, you can now proceed to determine how to smartly choose an air compressor air filter kit for your air compressor.  When you’re working with air compressors, proper air filtration is necessary. Filters play an important role in your home and business air compressor system. That said, choosing the right filter not only increases the efficiency of your air compressor but can also promote lower energy costs while protecting your employees from hazardous chemicals and contaminants. However, there are few things to consider before you decide which type of filter to choose: 

Type of Air Compressor

Of course, before you decide on which air filter to purchase, you have to carefully choose the best air compressor that can last for a long time. The type of compressor you operate will have its specific requirements and accessories. That said, you need to always read the manual for your specific compressor to help you determine which filter will work best. Also, you need to consider your type of application or the industry you belong to, so you’ll know the factors to consider. 

Filter Quality and Ratings

Aside from considering the quality of air tools and compressors, choosing the right filter quality and ratings are important, too. If you get a filter that doesn’t fit your air compressor, you might just have to replace it with the correct one. Asking questions to the store staff will help so you can ensure that you’re getting the best fit. So make sure to land on a trusted and licensed air tool store so you can avoid purchasing low-quality air filters.

Filter Pressure Drop

Once you increase the density of your air filter, the density will then slow down your airflow rate system, known as the air filter pressure drop. As you may know, air compressor filters vary in degrees of pressure drop according to their performance or how absorbent they are. So you need to find a filter that can properly balance airflow with its proper filtration benefits.

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Portable air compressors are incredibly useful tools to have in your home or business because they have numerous advantages. Once you make that switch to using air tools and compressors, you will surely enjoy great value like never before. With a good air filter for your portable compressor, you will get your job done in no time, and you can use it anywhere that situation needs. For more help with high-quality air filters, or to find the right replacements for your air tools, contact Le Lematec Tools today, or browse through our collection of quality air tools and accessories.