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Filter Compressor Air

Air compressor and air tools are necessary equipment that contributes ease to various working applications. When achieving quality outputs, every working process is manageable with these reliable tools. However, different air contaminants may affect the effectiveness and efficiency of airflow. To properly Filter Compressor Air, having the right understanding of the air compressor filter is necessary. 

Do I Need A Filter For My Air Compressor?

One of the common questions of many is whether they need a filter for their air compressor. As an always reminder, air contaminants are everywhere. Whether you work indoor or outdoor, these air contaminants may enter into your system. If this happens, your working process and final output may be contaminated and affected. Contaminants may be either dirt, dust, rust, liquid, and more. Having the best water filter for air compressor and other types is necessary to prevent any contaminants. 

Myths and Tips About Filter Compressor Air

To filter compressor air, different types of air compressor filters play a vital role. However, regardless of its known significance, there are still many misconceptions about air compressor filters. These misconceptions lead people to wrong information that may continuously affect their belief and working process if it continues undiscussed. As managing the contamination and moisture in the system remains challenging to every user, having the right understanding of the air compressor filter is essential. To straight things into fact, here are the myths growing about air compressor filters and the tips you can do to prevent and remove contaminants effectively.  

Myth #1 — The smaller the micron size, the better. 

All manufacturers of air compressor filters have different micron ratings. However, not all of them observe the standard sizes leading to ineffective filter performance. Instead of referring to the micron size alone, focusing on actual contaminants is what you need. Understanding the air contaminants that threaten your compressor and its micron sizes is your key to landing on the right filter may it be an air compressor oil removal filter or the best water filter for an air compressor.

Myth #2 — Every data on pressure drop is evenly accurate. 

The higher drop pressure takes more force to lead the compressed air to a qualificatory air filter. While there is pressure data given, testing the air filter in a wet condition is beneficial. The liquid surface may restrict the proper airflow in the system, and so having an air compressor fit for removing water and oil contaminants or aerosols is necessary. 

Myth #3 — The media composition of a filter always doesn't matter.

Some may prefer air compressor filters that are low in price over expensive ones. However, not all air compressor filters work the same. The media composition of every filter varies and may affect the operation of the compressor. It is one of the factors that may either help or affect the airflow in the system. It is ideal to find an air compressor filter that is reliable to remove water and oil and maintain a clean and pure airflow.

Myth #4 — The outside filter look is the key to deciding whether it needs replacement or not. 

The air compressor filter may also wear out, causing ineffective performance. But when checking whether it needs replacement, visual inspections are not reliable. It is always right to examine and inspect your air compressor filter based on its performance and evaluation process recommended by the manufacturer. To ensure an accurate filter examination, having a developed monitoring and preventive maintenance is necessary. 

Myth #5 — Dumping the condensate down the drain is acceptable.

The condensate from the compressor is hazardous and needs proper disposal. Dumping it down the drain is not right and may violate environmental regulations. Being mindful of this is vital when working with your system to ensure the working process is appropriate. Instead of dumping everything down the drain, you can catch the condensate in an oil or water separator to extract it from the condensed stream. You may then put the oil stream in a proper waste container and pour the remaining water into the drain. The right oil and water separator ensure the extraction of hazardous waste that may affect your output and help maintain a green environment.  

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