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Air Lin Hose Connector

Hoses are popular among different commercial and industrial applications. They are a useful partner in different air tool applications that require the right amount of compressed air. However, there are different kinds of hoses you can choose from and can be used depending on your work environment. In fact, many home DIYers are also embracing the benefits of hoses in so many ways. Of course, nobody's perfect – even your high-quality hoses are no exception. So whether you are using hoses for business or home applications, know that there are possibilities of failure before, during, or after use. Even a tiny hole can lead to a mountain of problems. That is why you need to prevent the common causes of Air Line Hose Connector failures right at this moment. Keep on reading because this article will discuss the common causes of hose failure and how to prevent them.

The Importance of Prevention

There are thousands of reasons why hoses fail. But luckily, some of these causes can be avoided with proper precautions. You need to know the basic guidelines in protecting your hoses, keeping your machinery in its best conditions, and reducing costly downtime. Although you can reach out to trusted hose maintenance and repair experts, you can simply do a DIY approach to save money and effort. If there are high pressures involved, there is also a possibility of physical injury and damage to operators and employees. 

Because we have pretty much come to a standstill after the impact of Coronavirus, shipments and deliveries have become that much more prolific. Though heavy pieces of equipment such as industrial tools are very important for keeping the world alive, we casually forget that we also need the help of some important tool accessories like high flow air hose connectors. They are not the most glamorous air tool accessories you could use, but that does not mean they are entirely useless. Hence, you need to take care of them as much as you take care of your pneumatic tools and equipment. 

The Common Reasons of Hose Failures

It is necessary to take additional precautionary measures before buying air hoses to be able to save yourself and your company in purchasing lousy and poor-quality ones. But aside from choosing the best air hoses, you also need to be extra mindful while using your hoses. You never know when they will suddenly break unless you do frequent checkups. 

Here are some of the most common causes of hose failure that you need to avoid:


When planning to buy a hose for your air tools, make sure to ask the store staff about the important guidelines regarding their usage. This will greatly help you prevent misapplications that can lead to possible danger. According to experts, one of the most common causes of failures is using a hose, fitting, or clamp that is inappropriate for the application. 


Hoses are prone to overheating and catching fire, as they are easily damaged when heated. Of course, this will be harmful to everyone in the working area and would surely affect productivity. Since hoses have a plastic inner tube, they will crack once the temperature reaches above a certain point. On the other hand, excessively cold temperatures may also lead to cracking, discoloration, hardness, and static electricity build-up if the wire has not been ground correctly. To avoid this scenario, make sure to always check the changes in temperature during the process. You may also consider buying heat guards for protection. 


Hoses, when connected to the wrong tools, can also result in damage to the tool and the people involved. Incompatibility is a common thing these days. It can happen if you purchase the wrong size and type of female air hose connector that can damage your air tools. This can also make your hoses’ internal components deteriorate very quickly and become clogged.


Just like any other tools, hoses can get damaged with high pressure. Sometimes, it will just suddenly burst during an air compressor operation. This problem is usually caused by crushing, kinking, or forcing a hose to bend beyond its minimum flexing radius. This commonly happens with high-pressure hoses.


When you're using your hoses every day, they might become old and fragile due to the daily wear and tear. Hence, it is important to do some random checks and maintenance on your hoses to prevent unexpected damage. If not, they can leak and even burst that can cause expensive problems. Luckily, some double female air hose connectors come with a protective cover to minimize deterioration. This will also prevent serious damage to your hoses over time. 

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