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Industrial Paint Spray Gun

There are many types of industrial spray guns for sale you can find in the online market today. One of which is the HVLP Industrial Spray Paint Gun, reliable for efficient and best paint application. Aside from its premium features, you also need to gather the proper resources to ensure that you use it the right way for your project when investing for one. That said, discovering and learning some spray gun techniques and tips to avoid mistakes during your paint application is advantageous. Have a quick review of these crucial reminders in this discussion below. 

Familiarizing HVLP Spray Gun Techniques

Using an industrial paint spray gun is exciting for some but can cause you trouble when you are not familiar with the proper HVLP spray gun techniques. While the visual features seem easy to handle and control, adequate handling and paint delivery are crucial. You cannot simply hold the spray gun as you like, even if it is an indoor spray paint gun, as it may affect your paint application. You will also need to be careful with your spray patterns, as you might only get uneven results.

If you are using one for the first time, it is understandable that you might make mistakes as you start. It is why testing your spray gun on a sample surface is also helpful for you to identify whether you have already set the proper settings for your painting task. There are many more ways you can excel in your painting jobs, and having the right industrial paint spray gun to use is advantageous. 

Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Using Industrial Paint Spray Gun

Starting a painting project, especially if you are a DIY starter, requires a lot of preparation beforehand. From getting your air compressor to having the spray gun to use, assessing paint type and other materials, you are sure to have a long checklist before you can proceed. But aside from this, you also need to prepare yourselves, your skills and your knowledge. While practice makes things perfect over time, understanding mistakes to avoid using a spray gun is also a contributor. Discover and learn below some mistakes you need to avoid as you use an industrial paint spray gun for your project.

Avoid over-spraying.

While you may get excited about how convenient it is to use a spray gun, it is crucial to control the delivery of your paint and avoid over-spraying. When you overspray, there is a chance that the paint material will only run down on the surface as it waits to be dried, and the result is not pleasant. Too much paint application will not only affect your output but can be costly on your end. Since you may waste a lot of paint, your productivity may also be affected. It may also be harmful to the environment and yourself as an operator. 

Don't hold the spray gun too close to the intended material.

Another thing you need to pay attention to when using a spray gun is your distance from the surface you intend to spray. Spraying too close to the intended material is not ideal, as you may only get an uneven spray pattern and your end product is not what you expected. Ensure set enough distance when holding your spray gun to allow paint material to travel just right from the gun to the surface. 

Avoid spraying with an uneven pattern. 

It is also helpful to learn different spray patterns as you work with your spray gun. Ensure to  spray without changing motions and patterns. Be consistent on your spray motion to maintain the best output for your project. 

Insufficient air pressure


Air pressure settings can also affect the result of your workload. If there is insufficient air pressure, your paint job may result in the orange peel look as soon as it dries. Hence, before starting your project, ensure to test first if your spray gun already has enough pressure to perform your task.

Avoid feeding your spray gun with too high air pressure.

While insufficient air pressure is not ideal, too much air pressure is also not good for your project. It can lead to waste and excessive release of paint which are not suitable for productive work. Feeding your spray gun with too much air pressure can damage not only the end product but also your air tools themselves.

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