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Air Compressor And Tool Combo Kit

As the name suggests, air tools are powered by compressed air with the help of air compressors. Unlike conventional power tools that are powered by a battery or electricity with about 120/240-volt mains supply. On the other hand, air compressors are powerful machines that squeeze air into the air tools. As the air is compressed, it's supplied to a storage tank which acts as an air reservoir. The tank on the air compressor can deliver the accurate amount of air pressure needed to accomplish a task. And because of their high level of convenience and power, most workshop owners today are taking advantage of the benefits of an Air Compressor and Tool Combo Kit. So whether you're an auto shop or furniture store owner, this article will help you realize the benefits of investing in a high-quality air tool system for your business. 

What Are the Advantages of Air Tools?

An air tool is way lighter than conventional cordless tools of the same power rating. This is because air tools have smaller motors or pistons that are more lightweight than those of the electric-powered working tools. Of course, it is easier and less tiring to work all day long when you're operating with handy tools like portable sandblasters, nail guns, and paint sprayers. They are also easy to use and have fewer working parts compared to an electric tool, so you can have time to take some quick rest. You can also stall an air tool indefinitely. Unlike electric tools, air tools don't have universal motors that can produce sparks when not used properly. This is a great advantage if you're working in hazardous environments like auto shops where there may be spills of gas or other flammable liquids.

What to Consider When Buying an Air Tool System for Your  Workshop?

If you're switching from electric tools to an air-powered system and yet you don't know how and where to purchase, this is a helpful guide for you. A careful analysis of the tool cost and repair and the other benefits of a compressed air system to use for a variety of tasks in your shop is important to end up with the right choice.

The following are very important to consider when planning to start your compressed air journey for your business:

Invest in High-Quality Air Compressor

As mentioned, this machine compresses the air and stores it inside a tank. It comes in various types, sizes, capacities that give you options depending on the type of air tools you have.  When buying one from a trusted store, make sure to also consider the horsepower (HP), cubic per minute (CFM), and whether the air compressor is electric or gas-powered.  The flow rate demand of your air tool should match the delivery rate of the compressor you are going to purchase.  If not, it will take you more time waiting for the air compressor tank to be filled. 

Choose the Right Filter

Air entering the compressor consists of many contaminants that can harm both the compressor and tools. Dust and dirt can scour and damage airlines and fittings of your system that can eventually clog everything up. Aside from that, it will also cause noticeable wear to your tools. The same goes for the water and moisture particles. When air is compressed, water will condense, which may cause corrosion inside the tools. Hence, you need to consider a reliable air filter to remove dust and water particles from the air effectively. 

Consider an Air Regulator

Aside from air filters, regulators are one of the most important air tool components. It basically looks like a faucet that controls the amount of air pressure. For instance, if your current air tool needs a specific pressure level, you can easily adjust it depending on the maximum requirements of the application. You can simply tell if a compressor pressure regulator is good if it can keep a constant pressure when running, independent of the pressure demand of the air tool.

Apply Air Tool Lubricants

A lubricator is way different than the ordinary oils you buy for your car. It produces a mist of oil droplets in the airflow, which lubricates moving surfaces in contact inside the air tool. However, not all air tool applications require the use of lubricants. For instance, if you're going to paint a car exterior with a paint sprayer, lubrication is unnecessary and would only ruin the surface. If you only use an air tool for frequently short applications, lubricants are not required as well. Upon using lubricants, you may also consider an air compressor car cleaning tool to maintain the condition of your tool.

Buy an Air Hose

Of course, you cannot operate an air tool with your air compressor and other components if you don't have an air compressor accessory kit hose. There is a variety of options you can choose depending on your needs and task requirements. You can go for a coiled air hose that looks like a telephone cord, or a non-coiled air hose for your air tool system. Basically, hoses are made from rubber or strong plastic materials. Plastic air hoses are quite rigid and can crack over time, while rubber ones are more flexible. Additionally, air hoses come in various internal diameters and sizes. Choosing the right internal diameter is crucial to achieving successful operations.

Invest in the Best Air Tool Provider

There are indeed tons of considerations when investing in the right air compressors and air tools for your shop.  Make your air tool purchase more convenient and efficient with the help of a reliable team of experts from Le Lematec Tools. Visit our website at https://proairtools.com/ or call us at +1 828 398 0334 to learn more about what we have in store for you.