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List of Must-Have Commercial Air Compressor Accessories

Preparing to work on your pending project means you need to condition all of the necessary tools for that job. Like prepping the air tool, attachments like the air compressor plus accessories also need proper equipment usage. That way, there can be no problems that may occur in the future.

Conditioning the tool before working is very crucial when it comes to working on various kinds of projects. It will help you to maximize its performance, allowing you to achieve a quality-wise output in the end. Now, it can only happen by turning on the air tool and trying them out first. However, any air tool needs to have attachments to support it and prolong its effectiveness. 

If it is your first time trying out an air tool, you must have an air compressor accompanying the device. It is an essential tool as it is the one that helps power the air tools. Therefore, acquiring such is wise, and some packages include commercial air compressor accessories already if you are lucky enough. Although, if the tool company you ordered from doesn’t have such freebies, never worry - we’re here to help you find out the best accessory kits for small air compressors.

What are Air Compressor Plus Accessories

This topic may be new to you at first, but you should always take extra precaution when learning about them. As mentioned, air compressors are used to help run the air tool you’ll be using. Now, there are several attachments or accessories that you need to purchase to work properly for the compressor. 

Aside from that, using such products can protect your air tools. As you know, using air tools like blasters, blowguns, pneumatic wrench, and others can be high maintenance and expensive. So it’s only natural for you to protect and maintain the quality of the product to ensure that it won’t be a total waste of money. Air compressor accessories can help you with that goal.

Looking for The Best Air Compressor Accessories Near Me

These accessories are particularly easy to find - and you can even find them near you! Mainly, hardware in the mall or separate establishments offers such devices. Check them out now to see if they are readily available for you. 

If ever some accessories are not available, you can still check tool provider companies online. Since workshops and DIY are mostly sought after this pandemic, indeed, you’ll find several available providers that offer your needs. 

List of Commercial Air Compressor Accessories

Here comes the good part. There are several tool accessories you need to find to operate an air compressor smoothly. You better take note of the following as you already might have some of these accessories at home.


The first thing you need to acquire is a hose. It is the material you need to have as it connects the compressor with the air tool you’re going to use. To understand more, let’s put it in this analogy. A body won’t work without the heart pumping blood to the veins. Think of the body as the air tool, veins as the hose, and the air compressor as the heart. 

Now, you need to make sure to get a suitable hose for your compressor. There are several sizes and lengths available in the market. If you purchased the wrong one, it could waste the air source you have, resulting in a failed output. Thus a waste of money as well.

Air Fittings

Aside from that, another accessory tool you may want to purchase is the air fittings. Air fittings consist of female and male couplers, plugs, and connectors. These pieces help you to secure the connection of the hose, air tool, and air compressor. That way, no air leakages may occur, resulting in the lessening of air pressure. When that happens, it can affect your output as well, and we don’t want to experience that.


On the other hand, filters are attachments that have a vital duty for protecting your gear. From the word itself, it filters out particles that can be considered harmful for your air tool. This attachment is usually attached with the compressor as high pressure usually builds up moisture. Excess water from the air pressure is dangerous as it can mix with solid particles, thus resulting in clogging. 

Some tool providers offer air compressors with a built-in filter which makes it easier for the user. Better check them out online as it can help you save up and prevent other expenses.


Meanwhile, supplying the right amount of air pressure is necessary to make a quality-wise output. However, that can only happen by using a regulator attachment. This tool helps you to monitor and regulate how much air is passing through. Remember that psi is not the same for every project out there. Sometimes, it depends on the material used, like the paint or abrasive.

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