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Sandblasting Aluminum

Aluminum is considered a versatile yet cheap material that is used in many industries. It comes with a high strength-to-weight ratio and possesses non-corrosive properties that is ideal for a wide range of uses. Aside from that, this element is relatively eco-friendly and can receive thorough coating and other surface applications with the use of sandblasters. Commonly, aluminum-type materials don't need sandblasting. since they are not prone to rust compared to steel-type materials. But there are instances where you have to change or re-apply paint coatings on your aluminum surface, and that's when you need to understand the basics when it comes to Sandblasting Aluminum materials. 

Reasons Why Choosing the Right Sandblasting Finish is Important

Remember that there are some important things you need to consider first. It is common knowledge  that most equipment and products like wheels and rims are mostly made with alloys or blends of metals and nickels that require different maintenance needs. They are lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand heat and other mechanical processes. Alloys also look more stylish as compared to other steel-made materials. They also come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Thus, aluminum wheels are indeed a good choice when it comes to a great balance, aesthetics, gas mileage, and cost. However, it can be a challenge for some to achieve a safe and flawless blasting of an aluminum surface without the presence of the right tools. Aluminum has a naturally occurring oxide film, making it capable of protecting itself from the threats of corrosion. But getting the right equipment for cleaning or preparing your aluminum surface is still a must. In addition, depending on the look you want to achieve, you have to carefully select the appropriate finish that suits your application very well with the help of the right tool. 

What are the "Must-Know" in Entering a Sandblaster Store

Trusted and licensed air tool stores are the gateways to obtain not just the best, but also the safest sandblasting aluminum products. Browsing online would show you a list of reputable lists of stores that are near you as well.  However, you must always ensure that the tool you are getting boasts quality and dependability. But if you're a "to-see-is-to-believe" person, you can go straight to their store and see it yourself. There's no doubt why it is essential for you to ensure every purchase you made, whether it is through online or in-store shopping. So if you're planning to buy your own sandblaster for aluminum applications, you should consider the following:

List down all the questions you have to ask.

Once you finally get inside the showroom of an air tool store near you, you will be welcomed by professional tool experts. Their job is to make you familiar with the products while answering all of your questions. They may also offer you some recommendations based on your working requirements and the type of surface you want to work with, like aluminum. Also, they will never end the conversation without clarifying things that will guide you toward the best possible sandblaster-type choices. Thus, you should list all of your questions and make sure you do not leave the store with unsatisfied thoughts.

Always check first the condition of the sandblaster.

Checking the quality of the sandblaster is always important. The store will demonstrate and operate the tool inside the store to let you see that it is working fine. Actually, there are two types of inspections to be performed before purchasing and even before your daily operation to know the condition of the sandblaster. First is the visual inspection while the sandblaster is off, and the second one is called operational inspection while the tool is running. It is also important to check if there is water, oil, or radiator leaks and ensure that the sandblaster has no cracks. The operator must be very observant at all times. One miss and unexpected accident or damage will come next. 

Do some dry run tests.

Running tool tests is essential to ensure you get good results when sandblasting aluminum surfaces. The thing is, each specific project has different unique factors and features to consider. So if you opt to buy your new sandblaster for aluminum surface application, conducting a small test blasting will definitely give you an idea of which type of media and pressure to use.

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Sandblasting aluminum surfaces can be quite challenging, especially if you're a first-timer. By choosing the appropriate tool and accessories using the aforementioned guide can lead to the best results. At Le Lematec Tools, you can be confident to have the right tools you always needed. We have the best team to help and guide you all-throughout the purchasing process and even beyond that. Visit us today!