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Pneumatic Air Regulator

When compressing air from the surroundings, there is this certain piece of equipment that is excellent for keeping the air control at optimal status. As a result, it reduces expenses and maximizes its safety. They are generally used for maintaining the pressure levels to perform the most consistent results. This significant component that we are talking about is no other than the Pneumatic Air Regulator with Gauge!

An air regulator is considered to be one of the most valuable parts of any air compressor nowadays. Not only can it ensure the air’s maximum flow capacity, but it can also show its pressure at any given time. On the other note, their role made them extremely delicate and frail. Sometimes, air compressor regulator replacement is done frequently because of this. But you do not have to worry now since you are about to know the steps in ensuring a durable yet efficient air regulator in just four steps!

Different Types of Air Pressure Regulators

Before proceeding to the main topic, you must first know the different categories of air regulators and their functions. In general, air regulators are special types of valves that are utilized for many purposes. It can be for a general, specific, or special kind of role.

First are the General-Purpose Regulators, commonly known as utility regulators. They are used in most of the industrial process but also possess a long service life. Since they meet many of the requirements, they have reasonable prices as well. Second, are the Precision Regulators. They are special types of valves with high tolerance to change. If you need precise control over a specific pressure, you might want to use this kind of air regulator. Lastly, we have Special-Purpose Regulators which are applied in unique configurations. Not only does it measure air pressure, but these regulators are also employed in other types of fluid such as liquids.

Now that you are aware of the different types and use of air pressure regulators, let us get you started in maintaining them!

4 Steps in Attaining a Resilient Air Regulator

Keeping your regulators in check requires a great amount of concentration because all air compressor regulator parts are quite sensitive. Some of them are very delicate without extra care. So, if you plan to inspect them for your regular check-up, you can consider these four precautionary measures.

Test your pressure regulators

Before actually cleaning their parts, you should first identify the regulator’s type. Employing this, you can properly test it out to see if there are any problems. You should also be aware if they are a type of pneumatic air regulator with or without a gauge. However, you can also use an air compressor regulator kit with a dial gauge like this Digital Air Regulator/Gauge DAR01B for an easier testing process.

Shutdown the system first

After testing your regulators, the next step is turning your air compressor off. It is a very crucial step for you to follow to ensure your safety. Working on a live system can impose a much greater risk of hazards and accidents. To prevent this, make sure that you have already shut down the system prior to removing any components.

Change your filter on a regular basis

Filters are also an essential component of any air regulator. They are the one that separates filthy dust from the environment to the system. By preventing them from entering, they can also control the chances of any contaminations. The less the probability, the safer it can get. Tab our new Air Regulator Filter With Gauge AI303-R1 and Air Compressor Filter Dryer (ZN312-D-2 Teflon). Try it now and never worry about contamination ever again!

Remember the correct airflow

The right direction of airflow is as important as remembering its parts. Even if you bring back all the components right, if the flow of air is mistaken, it will never work. It can even lead to serious disasters if not properly checked. In most of the regulators like the Analog Air Compressor Regulator, some signs indicate the right airflow in case forgotten. It serves great assistance to many customers whenever they forget about the correct one.

Bonus tip: Consult an expert if possible

The steps above are just actions that you can do by yourself. For better results, you are still recommended to go to professionals. You must seek a thorough inspection of your air tools and equipment to ensure its quality. The reason behind this is the difference in experience. They are already quite knowledgeable about this thing, so they know what to do. You do not have to worry about any expenses because, in the long run, it will save you more money.

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