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Portable Air Sandblaster Gun

If you're looking for an efficient tool to accomplish your automotive refinishing project or renovate your home, a Portable Air Sandblaster Gun is a great choice. Removing corrosion, dirt, rust, or paint with the use of traditional scraping tools requires a lot of time and effort. Sandblasters are designed to expel abrasive materials like sand at a very high speed for different types of applications. In order to make your painting jobs much easier and faster, sandblasters can greatly speed things up. They're the ideal tool for cleaning and prepping rough and uneven surfaces that you can purchase several different sizes and types. With so many options out there, it can seem overwhelming to decide which one is perfect for you. So you need proper guidance from trusted professionals to help you get the best portable industrial sandblasting equipment.

What to Look for the Best Air Tool Company 

Trusting the right company when it comes to choosing the best air tools like commercial portable sandblasters for sale is important. This will not just save you from spending money for nothing, but it can also give you relief and peace of mind since you don't have to worry too much about unsatisfied working results. If you are going to reach out for a reliable air tool provider, the company's reputation and history is an important factor to look for. You can spend time checking different air tool websites online to check the about page and reviews from fellow buyers. The company that you'll choose to purchase your new equipment should have been trusted by many for years. Aside from that, they should not be involved with problems and issues when it comes to the products and services they offer. This way, you'll understand more the benefits of teaming up with the right team that offers all-out equipment support and a full range of reliable services. In addition, settling for some cheap but defective sandblaster equipment will only cost you a headache and can also add extra work on your end. Most importantly, you should choose a company with a team of friendly and well-trained professionals. Their expertise and knowledge when it comes to any air tool can greatly help you to come up with the best decision. And that, providing an exceptional commitment to superb customer service should always be their ultimate goal. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Sandblaster

Today, sandblaster equipment has become an essential tool for smoothing and polishing surfaces before painting and resurfacing. It can also be used for etching glass materials to completely remove unwanted dirt, rust, and corrosion from their surfaces. Industrial workers like automotive painters and DIY craftsmen know what it means to have the necessary tools to finish a job. However, buying those tools can be a challenge. So here's a buying guide to help you get the right sandblaster tool for you:

Air Pressure

The air pressure rating of every sandblaster is one of the most important things to check before buying one. In order to use a sandblaster effectively, you need a minimum amount of air pressure. Most applications require a PSI ranging from 60 to 125. If, by any chance, your sandblaster has a pressure rating of 120 PSI, the air pressure inside needs to work properly. There are also instances where a higher air pressure rating of 120 PSI offers better performance than one with a 90 PSI air pressure.

Air Flow

Before buying a sandblaster, you need to examine a sandblaster's intended airflow rating like the Lematec As118-2 portable sandblaster kit before buying one. Unlike the air pressure rating, it helps you determine the amount of air being used. Airflow level comes in CFM or cubic feet per minute, which can result in a higher rating when more air is being used. Hence, you need the help of a powerful air compressor in operating sandblasters.


You can find a wide range of sandblaster units out there that differs when it comes to features and performance. However, they can also differ in terms of their sizes. When compared to other working tools, small and compact sandblasters are much more practical and ideal for most industrial and DIY users out there. This is because portable sandblasters are too handy and compact. Not to mention, you can also operate these types of efficient tools for a long time without having the need to strain your arms.

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