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Air Tool Oil

When talking about air tool maintenance, the need for the correct type of Air Tool Oil is crucial to keep your tools running strong. Air tools, be it a sandblaster, nail gun, wrench, or inflator, will basically need regular lubrication. While some air tools may already have a grease fitting, others still need constant-feed lubrication, especially when used daily. Commonly, the oil that is used to lubricate air tools is either a synthetic or conventional oil that is made as lightweight compared to conventional oils you can buy in the market. The term “lightweight” has something to do with the viscosity of the oil. The lower the viscosity, the better because it will produce little to no bond at all.

Reasons Why You Should Oil Your Air Tools

If you’re a home DIYers and you love to watch YouTube videos featuring high-powered pneumatic tools, you may be wondering how they maintain the optimum performance of each tool. As mentioned before, air tools require proper and regular lubrication. Air tools are most like the same as other machines - they can also accumulate unwanted build-ups like dirt, dust, rust, and other contaminants on the tool itself and the components. Hence, the need for regular lubrication is necessary to prevent damage to the tools. Aside from that, the use of air tool oil can promote and ensure easy movement of the internal parts. And, of course, this will surely lead to more efficient operations. 

Additionally, moisture build-ups are one of the most common reasons for air tool failure. That is why experts recommend the use of air tool oil to get rid of the moisture that can harm and severely damage the tool and its components. All these are just a few of the many reasons why air tool oil should be a dispensable part of every air tool application. So make sure to never underestimate its power and only trust reliable air tool lubricant brands. Read on as we give you some important questions to ask when you finally choose the store to buy oil for your air tools.

4 Must-Know FAQs About Air Tool Oils

When buying an air tool oil for the first time, you must have a lot of questions in your mind, like “Are there really steps to follow on how to oil air tools?” Therefore, make sure to consider a store with reliable and friendly staff that can accommodate you and can answer all of your questions right before you leave their door. And to help you have an idea of what type of questions to ask, here are some of the most common FAQs that will lead you to the right choice:

When should I apply oil to my air tools?

Air tool oil application depends on the tools and how often you use them. You must first know how much air tool oil to use and how often to oil air tools. Usually, many air tool operators put a couple of drops of lubricant oil into the tool at the end of a workday. The oil will shield its interior parts and components from any residual moisture accumulated during the all-day operation. 

Can I use compressor oil for my air tools?

This is not recommended. Generally, air-compressor oil is usually synthetic and does not contain detergent ingredients mostly present in motor oil. Additionally, air-compressor oil is manufactured specifically for lubricating the ball bearings inside the air compressor. That is why experts recommend using them for air compressor use.

Can I use motor oil for my air compressor?

Yes, some motor oils are considered non-detergents. That means that they can work on air compressors as well. But first, be sure to check the motor oil specifications and instructions before using it in your air compressor. 

Can I use 3-in-1 oil in my air tools?

Yes. Just make sure to apply the right amount of your preferred 3-in-1 oil in your air tools. Too much oil can affect performance, leading to poor and unsatisfying results. A couple of oil drops each time you use the air tool can do.

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