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Portable Air Compressor for Pneumatic Tools

Air compressors were used even back in the day for various kinds of usage. They are primarily used in factories and pharmaceuticals for mass storing and packaging. However, due to its practical use, it branched out and can now be used for small-scale projects as well. Thus, the birth of the Portable Air Compressor for Pneumatic Tools.

That's why accomplishing DIY projects is never an issue nowadays, as air compressors are accessible and affordable. With portable air compressors, you can efficiently operate pneumatic tools with ease and finish every project on hand without any problem.

Perks of Using Portable Air Compressor for Air Tools

Portable air compressors are proved to be an effective partner for operating pneumatic tools. Their ability to provide accurate and non-toxic air pressure is promising. That's why most workers prefer using pneumatic tools instead of other tools. Although, that's not the only reason why workers should consider using air tools more.

In terms of the price, portable air compressors are more affordable. Compared to large air compressors like the one used in industrial projects, portable ones have a lower price. Even though that's the case, you don't need to worry about the air quality as they can house and compress the right amount of air required for any job. 

Additionally, using portable ones are considerably lighter, since they are much more compact. That's why using them anywhere you want is not an issue. Bring them anywhere and ready yourself to operate with ease using a portable air compressor for pneumatic tools.

List of Tools Powered by Compressed Air

Using air compressors is essential if you want to use an air tool to accomplish a task. That's because compressed air inside the compressor is what you need so that the air tool can work since they are air-dependent tools. However, it would be best to use the correct air compressor, depending on what air tool you are using. 

Please take note that medium to large air tools require a higher amount of air pressure. That's why using large compressors is ideal for them. Meanwhile, small air tools may survive with just the portable air compressors. Feel free to check the following pneumatic tools that are ideal to be used with air compressors. 


This particular tool has several varieties. There are large models of this tool, like the blast cabinet, used for large-scale projects. Meanwhile, if you like to accomplish only small-scale projects like DIY, arts and crafts, and even home improvement tasks, a portable sandblaster is perfect for you.

Both types of sandblasters are air-powered - meaning air compressors must be attached to them to work. Make sure to properly secure the compressor to them by using attachments or accessories. That way, the correct air pressure will be supplied, and no leakages may happen.

HVLP Spray Gun 

Meanwhile, another air tool that uses an air compressor is the HVLP spray gun. This piece of equipment is usually used for automotive tasks, especially when applying paint to the vehicle's body. Just like a sandblaster, air pressure is used for the device to work.

Using an HVLP gun means that you are hoping for an airbrush finish of the coating. That can only happen by using the right amount of air. When the time occurs, and you use either lower or higher amounts than the recommended air pressure, expect the result to be chunky.

Air Impact Wrench

On the other hand, another remarkably effective air tool is the air impact wrench. This tool is vital, especially when you are working on renovation tasks. Loosen frozen screws and lugs easily with its powerful torque force. Air compressors are used to provide that kind of force, which a standard wrench can provide as you need to use your strength to turn the screws counter-clockwise.

Air Drill

Aside from the tools mentioned above, an air drill is another pneumatic tool that needs an air compressor to function correctly. What it does is dig a hole on solid surfaces like a typical drill. The only difference is it is powered by air, instead of electricity.

Although, when you buy some available models online of this tool, you can notice that some of them are not that noisy and very lightweight. That's because it doesn't have many motors to burn out.

Air Sander

Another air tool to look forward to when buying an air compressor is the air sanders. This tool is air-powered and used for smoothing wood surfaces like a sandblaster. The only difference between the two is this tool doesn't need any abrasive as it has a belt attached that helps do the job. Furthermore, it is easier to use than sandpaper to get rid of rough edges on your wood.

Collect the Best Pneumatic Tools for Your Portable Air Compressor in Le Lematec

Now that you know how pneumatic tools work, it is easier to understand why air compressors are a tier tool for small and large-scale projects. That's why several tool companies were established to offer their assistance to those who wish to operate these kinds of devices. 

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