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Air Compressor Filter

In every air compressor, an Air Compressor Filter performs a vital role in ensuring air purity as part of the support. It adds quality to the overall product output. Also, using the right and best filter for air compressors, the performance of your system increases. It is also a useful instrument to ensure your people are safe from dangerous chemicals. 

But note that not all filters may fit your air compressor system. As it performs a distinguished function, you will need to choose and find a cost-efficient filter and of high quality. Fortunately, some filters have a design to work for any air compressors and very convenient to use. Indeed, the best filter for air compressor that you can sure to rely on your needs.  

Why Is It Necessary to Have an Air Compressor Filter?

Let us now get into more detail about why it is necessary to have an air compressor filter for your air compressor. As mentioned, air purity is essential in maintaining the quality performance of your air compressor. With an air compressor filter, you can ensure you are promoting clean air for your air tools. It also helps protect your air compressor from any possible damage and extend its functions for extended use. When talking about reliability, having no air compressor filter in use will not secure a long term dependable performance. 

The reason why your air compressor may suffer from possible damages is because of different contaminants. These contaminants may pass through your air tools without an air compressor filter. The costs may affect the control valves, sealings, and their overall function heading to a system failure in no time. Why suffer from more expensive charges for repair or change of equipment when you can ensure a reliable performance air-oil separator compressor filter at a reasonable compressor air filter price.

However, keep in mind that having an air compressor alone will not guarantee everything are in place. You will also need to ensure you are maintaining your filters for the most reliable results. It is to prevent the filters from clogs and worn out. 

Compressed Air Contaminants That Can Affect the Performance of Your Air Compressor

With the different environments you are using your air compressor, there will always be contaminants that can affect the air passing through your tools. Although some are too little to view, there are large contaminants that can catch with filters. It comes in different kinds, and understanding these contaminants may guide you in selecting the best filter for an air compressor that suits your needs. 

Dust and Dirt Particles

Your work environments may affect what contaminants may pass through your air compressor. Other common particles present in the air are dust and dirt. For those working with construction or metal materials, its particles may affect the airflow of your compressor. If not filtered, it can lead to damage and risks to both equipment and people working. 

Oil and Lubricant

Other widespread particles in the compressed air are oil and lubricant. The oil residue and debris from previous use can be damaging to the compressor when left behind. As every industrial environment are rich with this kind of particles, preventive measure is needed at all costs to protect the air tools from harmful and severe damages. 

Water Vapor

Some of the water that occurs as a vapor in the air takes into compressed air. This water vapor may turn into contaminants and may cause damage to the compression process, and especially in the presence of high steam in the area. It can lead to maintenance costs and may affect the overall lifespan. Some of the problems that it can cause are rejection rates for spray painting, leakages, and some system troubles. 


The microbes caused by different contaminants that stay from water and oil debris can also affect your air purity and air compressor. As they continue to remain, the airflow can lead to more contaminations. But these kinds of particles are avoidable and removable with the use of an air-oil compressor filter that suits your working needs. There is a wide selection of air compressor filters you can find and match it with your air tools for more quality and reliable performance. 

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