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Spray Gun Tips

Whether it is for DIY or professional use, painting a surface area may be complicated without the right tools. Unsightly and overpainting brush strokes is also troublesome and disappointing. To ensure a well-finished paint after dry, using spray guns may be ideal. This tool can help you get a job completed in no time and ease your painting process for having different coats. To help you with your selection, we prepare quick Spray Gun Tips, your guide to choosing the right spray gun for you!

Common Types of Spray Guns

Before getting into more detail, let us explore first the common types of spray guns available in the market. Here is a brief knowledge about Conventional Spray Gun and HVLP Spray Gun. 

Conventional Spray Gun

The Conventional Spray Gun is a pistol-type spray gun. To make it work, compressed air powers it from the air compressor. Unlike natural paintbrushes, this kind of spray gun allows the user to paint a surface faster. It also allows the user to control its output, paint, and even the air atomization. That way, achieving a desirable finishing paint project is handy. Additionally, this spray gun is customizable to use for specific applications, paint patterns, and sizes. But with the 30% transfer rate of paint from the basin, there is much paint wasted. 

HVLP Spray Gun

What is HVLP Spray Gun? Another popular spray gun you can find today is the HVLP Spray Gun or High Volume Low Pressures. This spray gun utilizes a high air volume and then turn it to low pressure. The good thing about this spray gun is its capacity to reduce overspray or the waste of coats. No wonder this spray gun is preferable for saving costs with paint and way more efficient than conventional giving around 65% of painting application to the surface.

The Spray Gun Tips You Can Follow Before Purchasing One

Having the right spray gun for your DIY or professional working project can deliver a satisfying paint result. That is why it is necessary and always ideal to choose the best spray gun suited for your working requirement. To start with, understanding your application needs, material, and result expectation is your first action. Consider these spray gun tips in understanding different factors to find the best spray gun kit for your projects.

Understand the materials you will need to spray.

Your key to finding the right spray gun for your project is the coating.

Although you can already try testing the material that needs spraying with your current spray gun, it is best to understand the material. See if it is heavy-bodied material or close to medium to light body. If it's the first one, then you might need to use a conventional spray gun and an HVLP spray gun for the latter to apply appropriate air pressure to atomize the said materials. 

Estimate how much production are you aiming to accomplish with your spray gun. 

Next, setting how much production is looking at is essential. It is to guide with what air cap or fluid nozzle setup is best for your spray gun. Obviously, to apply a heavy coating at ease and quick, a larger fluid nozzle is ideal, while small ones for lighter coats. The small fluid nozzle is best to prevent over coating application and achieve a desirable finish. 

Assess and determine whether you are getting a spray gun for regular use or just a single DIY or home project. 

Some people are enjoying doing different home DIY paint projects, while some require it for their work. If you are thinking of getting a spray gun, you need to assess and determine your purpose of buying one. While some people base their buying decision on price alone, it is still vital to look for both beneficial and high-quality ones. Knowing your purpose will help you decide what spray gun to look for in your projects. If you are using a spray gun for work and professional use, high-quality spray guns are ideal, while a budget spray gun with good quality is understandable for a single home project. While not all budget spray guns are reliable and durable, it is still best to look for ones that excel in performance. 

Owning a Reliable Spray Guns With Le Lematec Tools

Finding the suited spray gun may be a confusing tool hunting, but a beneficial one once obtained. With the above spray gun tips in searching for the right spray gun, you can now assess your working requirement and find the perfect spraying tool. For the various selection of spray guns, visit the collection or air tools from Le Lematec to give you the results you want to achieve. Learn more about the air tools you might need and sure a good fit for your hobby, home, or working environments here