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Industrial Portable Sandblasters

Over the years, sandblasting can be defined as one of the most effective methods when it comes to different types of work applications. Not to mention, different industries today have already embraced its benefits in their production and sale processes. And of course, in order for you to do sandblasting works, you need the help of a reliable tool like sandblasters. This superb tool can efficiently shape, clean, and furnish different types of solid surfaces such as glasses, woods, metals, and others. Additionally, sandblasters can be stationary or portable in nature - it all depends on your working requirements. To better emphasize the types, stationary sandblasters are mostly preferred by builders who work in a specific workplace without switching places from time to time. On the other hand, portable sandblasters are suited to applications from different settings. However, most of the industrial applications and jobs today require versatile and flexible tools for all-around uses. So if you’re an industrial builder, choosing Industrial Portable Sandblasters is perfect for you. 

How Do Portable Sandblasters Work

Portable sandblasters or also known as portable abrasive blasters, portable shot blasters, and portable grit blasters, can be related to traditional sandpaper but of different levels when it comes to quality and features. Sandblasting can completely bring an outstanding new look and finish to a wide range of material types. This method includes the use of compressed air wherein small pieces of materials are shot at a very high air pressure flow in order to etch, smoothen or clean them properly. For instance, if you work in the painting production or automotive industry, using a portable air sandblaster gun is perfect to quickly finish paint removal on a specific type of surface. Of course, it is quite challenging to remove dust and paint from the surface of various objects like the auto’s interior. Additionally, industrial portable sandblasters are also used in rust removal processes in the welding industry. Repairing certain types of metal equipment and tools can be more difficult if they are filled with rust. So to effectively clean them, the use of a portable sandblaster is necessary. Lastly, industrial portable sandblasters are used to shape objects, particularly in the craft industry. With the right amount of air pressure, it is easier for artisans out there to finish their products quickly and conveniently. 

Industries that Use Portable Sandblasting Processes

The type of power tools used in one industry may greatly differ from others when it comes to their types of applications. These industrial tools, including portable commercial sandblasting equipment, are uniquely invented and manufactured to cater to the needs and requirements of different industries. Thus, industrial workers can guarantee the efficiency of their daily task accomplishments. 

The following are some of the most common industries that utilize sandblasters in their operations:

Shipyard Industry

Building and repairing military vessels, yachts, cruise liners, or other passenger ships is indeed a tough job. Aside from it requires proper knowledge and skills, the use of perfect tools is essential as well. Good thing that portable sandblasters can efficiently clean and prepare exterior surfaces of different parts and materials before the repair and building processes. Aside from that, it can also be used to clean internal parts such as a gearbox, connecting rods, pistons, and the like.

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry plays an important role in the operation of aircraft or, much better to say, heavier-than-air aircraft. Just like any other type of vehicle, they need proper maintenance to completely work just fine. But as they travel in the troposphere, these aircraft are prone to rust and damage. Thus, it is important to make sure that they are properly repaired and maintained from time to time to avoid unnecessary incidents. And that’s what portable sandblasters are for. These powerful tools can amazingly clean a wide range of parts and equipment related to the aviation industry.

Metal Industry

Metals and steels are prone to rust. Thus, they need the best tools to effectively clean all those unwanted dirt and rusts quicker and easier. Also, sandblasters are used to prepare metal surfaces for surface homogenization. As the demand for other industries that use metals such as furniture, material handling, commercial building, etc., continues to rise, the need for a more productive metal industry is a must.

Petroleum Industry

The proper cleaning and preparation of gas cylinders and gas and petroleum stationary tanks before painting is very important. The same goes for ensuring the gas and petroleum bottles are also clean with the help of industrial portable sandblasters. Aside from cleaning purposes, sandblasters are also utilized in blasting and shot peening of petroleum pump rods. Hence you don’t have to spend more money on other tools for other types of applications. With sandblaster, you can make the most out of your investment. 

Get the Best Portable Sandblaster for Your Type of Industry

There are several types of industrial tools available in the market which are used for different industrial applications. While these tools are specially made by different brands and manufacturers, it is always important to carefully choose the right quality tools that not only offer high quality but durability at its finest. To learn more, contact a trusted and licensed company Le Lematec Tools, and get the chance to access our wide range of air tool equipment.